50 Best Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Supermarkets are full of amazing finds which make saving money on groceries a tough challenge to many of us. However, saving on groceries is not as hard as we think it is! You might think scavenging on coupons or compromising the quality of your goods is the only way to cut off our expenses but there are, in fact, a lot of tips and tricks that we can easily apply in our grocery shopping routine. With that, here are 50 best ways to save money on groceries that you can do if you are in a budget.


1.  Make a shopping list

Even when you’re already doing the grocery for all of your life, you should still take a shopping list with you. Making a shopping list will help you know which items should be prioritized. This will keep you from buying things that you don’t really need. It can also help save time in the store.

2. Stick to your budget

In connection to making a shopping list, evaluating your finances will help you identify how much you can only spend on grocery items. This will give you cash to spend on other liabilities as well. Then when doing your grocery, stick to your budget.

3. Use coupons

We just have to admit it… coupons are a life-saver too. Just make sure to spend them on items that you really need so you’ll be using them wisely.

4. Sign up on loyalty cards

Loyalty cards could give you the best deals. You’ll get amazing discounts and custom shopping deals based on your shopping preference. If you’re frequently doing your grocery on a store which also offers amazing member perks, then go for it and sign up for a loyalty card.

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5. Consume what you have first

Foods in the fridge are usually forgotten easily until they go bad. So before making the next trip to the grocery store, make sure that you have consumed as much as you can to avoid wasting money.

6. Buy groceries in bulk

Buying in bulk is one of the smartest hacks that you can use when you’re trying to save money from your grocery expenses. Warehouses offer bulk items for cheap. Also, remember that it is not advisable to buy perishable items in bulk unless you can consume it in a timely manner.

7. Minimize trips to the store

Going to the grocery weekly is definitely not a good idea. It’s very time-consuming and it will cost you extra bucks. Consider doing your grocery every 2 weeks and use the previous tip (buying in bulk) to pull off this one.

8. Visit the farmers market

You can find fresh and cheap goods in the farmers market. Aside from saving a few bucks in your grocery, you’re also helping the local farmers earn a living.

9. Grow fruits and vegetables

If you have a spacious backyard, why not consider planting fruits and vegetables in it? It’s a nice hobby to start and in the long run, it can help you save on grocery too. You can also be sure that you’re eating fresh produce every time. If you don’t know which plants to grow, try planting salad leaves, radishes, onions, and tomatoes. These are easy to grow plants at home.

10. Bring the exact amount to the grocery

Bringing the exact amount when buying your grocery will help you stick to your budget and not overspend. You can practice placing your grocery budget in a separate envelope and avoid pulling out extra cash from your wallet when shopping.

11. Get a credit card with cash back perks

If you’re not a cash person, you can still save money by using your credit card. Just be sure you’re getting a card which has cash back perks every time you buy groceries on the supermarket.

12. Don’t shop while hungry

Shopping when hungry can lead you to a shopping cart filled with unnecessary items because of your cravings. To avoid this grave mistake, make sure you eat before going out for the groceries. With this, you can also prevent side-trips to a food stall which can take time.

13. Avoid shopping with kids

Kids are adorable but when it comes to shopping for groceries, it is best to keep them off the chore. They love pulling out random snacks from the shelves and they can also pull you off from your grocery list.

14. Buy seasonal goods

Fruits or vegetables that are in season are sold very cheap and in high quality. As much as possible, try to adjust your meal plan to include these in your recipe. With this trick, you will be able to save a lot compared to buying goods that are offseason.

15. Take advantage of sales

Be quick to know what are the available deals in the stores and plan your meals based on these sale items.

16. Make a meal plan

A meal plan helps you identify the items you need to buy in the grocery to avoid waste. This will also help you strategically plan which ingredients to buy in bulk too. You will also lessen trips to the grocery store once you have all your ingredients planned out.

17. Cook your own meal

This means making a dish from scratch and not just relying on pre-made or processed foods. Aside from the fact that these foods are not healthy, pre-made foods will also cost you more than cooking your own. There are a lot of recipes online that you can follow.

This book from Amazon is also a good investment for starters. Check it out here.

18. Use a price book to track prices

A price book will give you information which store has the lowest price on the item, what is the highest price for an item, and when the item will be on sale. This is one of the most effective and popular ways to track prices for budget shoppers.

19. Have breakfast for dinner at least once a week

Dinners don’t always have to be fancy with steak and wine. Sometimes, having pancakes or eggs for dinner is also a good idea. Aside from that, they’re easy to prepare. There are a lot of breakfast recipes out there that you can dig in on a lazy Thursday night.

20. Be creative on your leftovers

Instead of throwing them away immediately, place your leftovers in a food container and label it with the date. Then, make sure to utilize them the next day by reheating or creating a new dish out of it.

21. Bring your own bag

There are stores that charge for a plastic bag. Bringing your own reusable bag will save you from these additional costs and it could also help save the environment. Check out this reusable shopping bag from Amazon.

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22. Minimize meat

At least consider a few meatless dishes in your monthly meal plan. We all know that meat is the most expensive item in every grocery list so save by using substitutes for meat once in a while like tofu or other vegetables.

23. Keep an eye on clearance items

Clearance items are always in every store. These are items that the store has to dispose of quickly but are still in good condition. Keep an eye on these and check if an item that you need is for disposal.

24. Avoid impulse buying

Impulse buying will always lead to unwise purchases. This is why making a shopping list and a meal plan are great ideas before hitting the store.

25. Familiarize your store

One of the benefits of shopping in the same store is that you can already familiarize where you can find the items in your list. Knowing where to go in and out will keep you from bumping into unnecessary purchases along the way. This also helps save time.

26. Stock up on sale items

Stock up on sale items only when you’re using it regularly. Also, consider whether the item will easily perish or not. Buying sale items in bulk will save you a lot of cash.

27. Don’t be afraid to try something new

Most especially when the item is on sale, consider switching your regular brand to the one on sale. You don’t always have to stick to the usual product. Be a wise shopper and take advantage of sales.

28. Buy generic

Generic items are cheaper but they are just the same as the branded ones. Don’t be afraid to try generic products. In the end, they will give you more savings than what you expected.

29. Be creative in the kitchen

Ran out of an ingredient? Search your entire kitchen for a substitute instead of going to the store to purchase. Be creative and swap ingredients like margarine instead of butter, light cream instead of evaporated milk, and mayonnaise instead of sour cream.

This amazing Kitchen Hacks book will also give you more creative solutions to your common kitchen problems. Click here to get one.

30. Discover new stores

There might be a new store around the corner which offers cheaper grocery items than your usual store so be open to try new stores. Try looking at their ads or learn about it from colleagues or friends if you don’t have time to visit.

31. Shop for meat early in the morning

There are stores that sell cheaper meat early in the morning. These are meat from the previous day (and doesn’t mean it has gone bad already) that the store wants to sell quickly before displaying fresh meats.

32. Be vigilant during checkout

During checkout, double check if the sale items are reflected correctly in the receipt. Sometimes, there are errors in the system where sale items are not discounted. Do a mental note on these sale items and inform the cashier for any errors. It may be a bit of a hassle but this extra step will save you big time.

33. Save your receipts

Don’t throw your receipts immediately. Sometimes, you can find a coupon at the back of a receipt and it would be a waste if you don’t check it first.

34. Always check the top and bottom shelves

Probably not known to all, stores usually place the most expensive items at eye level. Outsmart this smart trick by constantly checking the bottom and top shelves so you won’t fall for the priciest items.

35. Choose reusables over disposables

Disposable plates, cups, spoon, and fork will only cost you more. Buy the reusable version instead so you can still use it for the next time. You will not only save money but also the environment.

For example, this reusable food wrap in Amazon will save you from constantly buying paper wraps for your sandwich and snacks.

36. Roll with small carts

Always make sure that you only have enough space in your shopping cart for everything on your grocery list. Getting a bigger cart will only tempt you to fill the cart with extra items.

You can also get this foldable grocery cart and roll it with you when you shop. If you live close by, you won’t also need to take a car or cab as carrying your groceries won’t be a problem. Therefore, saving you more money on gas or cab fare.

37. Avail double couponing

Some stores allow double couponing while some don’t so be sure to ask around if double couponing is allowed. This will already give you twice the expected savings.

38. Don’t buy pre-sliced foods

Pre-sliced foods are more expensive than buying whole. Instead of spending extra on this, why not slice your own food instead? This goes for almost anything like fruits, cheese, chicken, pork, etc.

Amazon has this ultimate vegetable slicer that will surely make your life in the kitchen easier. Get it here!

39. Be updated through social media

If your store has a social media account– Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, be sure to follow them to be updated of any surprise deals.

40. Eat less cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? Almost everyone loves cheese. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive items in the grocery so as much as possible, try to minimize your cheese intake. Do this a few times a week and you’ll be able to save some bucks.

41. Be mindful of expiration dates

Don’t buy goods that are about to expire! Check the expiration date first before checking out the item. This is one of the biggest mistakes we are not usually aware of that has to be corrected. It will be such a waste if you’re planning to consume it for the entire week but it’s already expiring in 2 days.

42. Understand the limits of expiration dates

A little research goes a long way. If you already have an expired good, check how long will it really take before it is no longer safe to consume. Sometimes, expiration dates only indicate a product’s peak freshness and is still safe to consume within a few days. Don’t immediately throw expired goods until you have verified if it’s already bad or not.

43. Store your foods properly

Be sure that you know how to store your foods properly. For example, raw meat should be kept in a clean, sealed container at the bottom part of the fridge. Leftovers should be refrigerated as quickly as possible and must be consumed within 2-3 days. Foods inside tin cans must not be placed inside the fridge to avoid making it taste like metal. If you must, transfer it into a clean, sealed container like this Rubbermaid food storage container in Amazon. You can check the set here.

44. Take advantage of pantry foods at work

If you have this benefit at work, you might want to include this in your budget planning. Free meals are such a great perk since it can help you save a lot in the groceries. If you’re working 5 times a day every week and you have free lunch in the office, then you wouldn’t have to worry about making a meal plan for lunch on these days.

45. Shop with a calculator

Be prepared for any last minute adjustments. Bringing a calculator while shopping will help keep you within the budget. You can let your kids help by asking them to add up the prices. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep them distracted while you focus on your list.

46. Download a grocery app

There are a lot of free grocery apps that can help you list down your groceries, manage your budget and offer cash back. Some of the best apps in the market are Ibotta, Shopkick, Checkout 51, Grocery IQ, and GrocerEaze. Go ahead and check them out!

47. Do the rain check

If the sale item that you are looking for is already out of stock, don’t hesitate to ask for a rain check at the customer service. They’ll be happy to suggest a comparable item at the same sale price. If not, you can also come back when the item is already back in stock and still get the item at the sale price.

48. Buy frozen goods

If you’re still itching to buy offseason goods, getting them from the frozen section is a cheaper way. You’ll be surprised to see that some of these frozen goods are cheaper than their high-season price.

49. Keep foods within eyesight

Hiding foods is usually not a good idea because you’ll tend to forget that they exist until they expire. When storing foods, make sure that you store them in a safe location but still visible to everyone at home.

50. First-in/ First-out your stock

When stocking foods, make sure that you’re consuming old stocks first. One way to practice this is to rotate your pantry. Every time you stock up food, be sure to keep the new ones at the back of the pile and move the old ones out– so you can use them.

Want to find more ideas on how to save money on other stuff besides groceries? Check out our 50 Practical Money Saving Hacks.


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50 Practical Money Saving Hacks

Let’s get it straight to the point… money makes the dream work and we all know that. It makes us capable of doing things we want, and to buy stuff we fancy. Until someone could invent the machine that automatically withdraws unlimited cash, saving money will always be in every adult’s guidebook to survival. Lucky for you, we have listed out 50 practical money saving hacks that could save you until your next paycheck arrives.

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1. Resist impulsive buying by mastering the 30-day rule

Impulsive buying is definitely one of the greatest factors for why we overspend. If you want to save yourself from splurging on unnecessary things, there is a popular mind-setting technique called the “30-day rule” where you wait for 30 days before coming back and buying the item. If you still feel excited when you see it after 30 days, then go for it! If not, then it’s a clear sign to pass.

2. Make a shopping list before hitting the store

    If you’re already doing the “30-day rule” but still getting the hang of it. Don’t worry… here’s another hack (and an easy one too) to keep you on track of your “Money Saving” journey. All you need is to make a simple shopping list. This will help you sort out your priorities and keep you in budget without getting tempted by these store eye-candies that you probably won’t use. Remember, the key to pulling this off successfully is to stick to your list.

3. Convert your trash into cash

    Ever thought of going through your old stuff and sorting out the trash for the garbage and trash for your pocket? Yep, this next money-saving hack encourages you to sell your used but unabused stuff that is most likely sleeping in your basement for almost a year now. You can do an annual inventory in your house and start looking for potential items that you can sell. This is one of the most practical life hacks for saving money and a good space saving hack at the same time.

4. Quit smoking

    Smoking kills and it can also empty your pocket. In average, a pack of cigarette costs $6.28 but it could cost you more from the long-term health effect. So imagine how much you could save in a year if you minimize/ quit smoking?

5. Make room for a tumbler

    Aside from being eco-friendly, tumblers are a great way to save money. You can buy a tumbler for $20 and that’s still cheaper compared to your monthly cost for takeaway coffees. Start brewing your coffee at home and put it in your tumbler instead of spending for an overpriced coffee while at work. Another hack is to carry water in your tumbler instead of buying bottles of water everytime you feel thirsty. Be practical.

6. Buy groceries in bulk

    If you’re already starting to make your shopping list, why don’t you try stepping up your game by buying things in bulk? Evaluate your list and note the items that you can buy in bulk such as paper goods, cleaning items (laundry detergent, etc), pet foods, and body lotion. Items with small shelf-life are definitely a No-No. For more saving money on groceries ideas, click here. 

7. Make your own lunch

    Buying lunch more or less cost $10 but that’s already $50 in a work-week. If you want to save a lot from your weekly expenses, making your own lunch is one of your practical options. Aside from saving money, you can also guarantee a clean, healthy, and delicious meal to stuff you up for the rest of the day.

8. Shop for cheap in thrift stores and yard sales

    Shopping in thrift stores is fun most especially if you have an eye for vintage items. These goodies are insanely inexpensive in these shops than in other commercial stores. Also, you’ll find a lot of unique pieces so you won’t have to worry bumping into someone wearing the same top as yours. People who are moving out are usually starting the yard sales in your neighborhood and they always sell items they can’t bring for a very cheap price.

9. Invest in energy-efficient light bulbs

Aside from scouting for unused items at home, why don’t you start replacing your traditional bulbs with energy-efficient ones like the CFLs and LEDs? These type of bulbs may cost more than what you currently have but think of the long-term effect that it can give you. During the lifetime of these bulbs, they help save you money by using less energy. This $15 LED bulb from Amazon is worth a try.

10. Cancel unused memberships

    Adults want to get involved in everything as much as possible. This explains the handful membership cards we own but only one or two of these are actually active. Start by prioritizing which of these you really need. Paying membership fees for meaningless clubs will not, in any way, help you save money so better cut off ties with them as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has a fear of missing out.

11. Practice the “10-second” rule

    Once you’ve mastered the “30-days” rule, then it’s time to learn a similar technique, the “10-second“ rule. Whenever you desperately want to add an item to your shopping cart, give yourself 10 seconds to justify why you need to buy that item. If you can’t find a good reason, then leave it.

12. Offer your unused rooms for rent

    Providing accommodation is a good business. If you have extra rooms at home, why not consider renting it out and make it useful? It’s a good hack to save money plus, it’s interesting to meet new people too! There are various platforms that can help you look for potential guests like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, and etc.

13. Dress minimally and spend minimally

Appearance makes a lasting impression but what if I tell you that you can dress to impress without stressing your wallet? All it takes is to master the art of minimalism. Start by purchasing clothes that you can mix and match easily. Check out these Basic women’s shirt and Cotton Pique Polo Shirt from Amazon. These timeless pieces will surely save you hundreds of bucks from clothes you can only wear once or twice a year.

 14. Learn to fix things yourself

    Unpleasant things sometimes happen unexpectedly like a ripped top or a broken cabinet door. At times like these, it helps if you know how to fix these small inconveniences yourself. This will help you save from repair fees and other expenses that come with it. Besides, there are already a bunch of online tutorials you can rely on these days.

15. Cut-off cell phone services you don’t use

    Some cell phone companies try to rip us off by adding unnecessary services that come with our phone plan. If you are budget conscious, try to check your cell phone bill and spot any services that you are not using. Then, ask the company to cancel your subscription to that service.

16. Cancel cable services you’re not using

    Similar to the one above, evaluate if you’re getting the most of your cable bill. Are you tuning in to these channels regularly? If not, I think it’s time to cancel this service. We are usually tempted by these premium packages but we don’t really have the time to watch them. It’s a  waste of money when there are other options online which allows you to pay what you only watch.

17. Start eating less meat

    Meat is delicious but it’s not completely healthy. On the other hand, it’s not cheap too. Save more money by minimizing the amount of meat you’re eating in a day or week and substitute it with a cheaper protein-rich food. It’s about time you start eating your fruits and vegetables! Be sure to get these assorted food storage containers to keep your veggies fresh.

18. Try to waive your fees

    It may sound too much but there are actually companies who will generously grant your request. If the odds are in your favor, you’ll be able to save a big amount of money without sacrificing anything. Work your way to become a valuable client so you’ll get higher chances. It’s worth a  try.

19. Make use of your employee benefits

    Being employed gives us tons of perks but some of us don’t even know they exist. Familiarize yourself with your insurance package by knowing which services are covered by your company. This could range from a small doctor consultation to a serious medical operation. If not completely covered, at least you know how much the company is willing to pay instead of paying the whole fee from your pocket.

20. Buy second-hand but working cars

    If you’re planning to get your first car, remember that it’s okay if you don’t get the latest model. Aside from spending a lot on these expensive types, their value only depreciates as time pass by. You’ll only end up in great debt. On the other hand, consider second-hand cars that are still in perfect condition.

21. Learn to cut your own hair and do your mani and pedi

There are some countries where going to the salon will cost them an arm… and probably a leg too. So instead of regularly going to a salon,  why don’t you cut your own hair? This will save you a lot of money from regular salon visit when all you want to do is to trim your hair an inch shorter. For ladies, this is also a good hack if you don’t want to get tempted with the extra costs like a glittery mani and pedi.

22. Grow edible plants in your garden

    If you don’t have a garden yet, start one and grow edible plants to supply your kitchen. Some of these can also be used as skin-care so you can tell that you’re not only saving money from your kitchen supplies but also from your skin-care products. Amazon has a wide range of gardening tools. Check out this complete garden tools set.

23. Spice up your leftovers

    Prepared quite a bit too much for Christmas Eve? With a little bit of creativity and cooking skills, you can save money by spicing up your leftover foods and turning them into a new dish. This is a very practical money-saving hack that you can use rather than throwing foods in the trash.

24. Unsubscribe your magazine subscriptions

    You know very well if you are an avid reader or not. If you have been keeping unread magazines in your house for some time now, then the answer is clear. You can call the magazine company and ask them to cancel your subscription. Besides, there are a lot of sources on the internet that you can turn to if you want to read about something.

25. Visit your local library

    Visiting the library is also a good option for bookworms. The library offers free books you can borrow and read. Also, if you’re not confident if you can return it on time, hanging out in the library sounds like a perfect money saving plan than hanging out in the malls.

26. Wash your clothes wisely

    If you’re using a washing machine, plan when you’re going to wash your clothes and always try to wash on full load. This technique is more energy efficient than washing small loads constantly in a week.

27. Consider taking the public transport

    If you live near the stations, taking public transport is a cheaper way than driving a car. It will save you the parking cost and fuel consumption. Not to mention the maintenance cost for replacing your oil and air filters, fixing flat tires, etc.

28. Walk or bike as much as possible

    Walking or biking is not a bad thing if you’re only heading a few blocks away. Instead of taking a short bus ride from home, why not travel by foot or bike? It is a healthy option not only for your body but also for your wallet.

29. Ditch a landline phone

    Technology is greatly involving nowadays and making landline phones unnecessary at home. Unlike landline phones, mobile phones can be carried around and you can get access to important messages as quickly as possible.

30. Maintain your appliances

Spending on maintenance is better than buying a new one more often. Do a maintenance check on your appliances and cars regularly so you can spot any problem before it becomes worse and costly. Heating and cooling systems also require regular HVAC maintenance to keep them running properly and to make them energy efficient as well. Aim to keep your things longer.

31. Watch out for coupons and promotions

    Everyone goes weak for coupons and promotions so use it when it’s available. Plus, discounts could range from a few cents to half price. It’s definitely a great way to save money.

32. Avoid the lottery

    The lottery is fun and exciting. It’s also cheap but not for a long time. Avoid the lottery as much as possible and stop fantasizing of that big win to solve your financial problems. Unless you’re made of luck… which probably is less likely.

33. Start comparing grocery items from different shops

    This might be a lot of work to do but it will serve you good in the long run. Try to compare prices from different stores. Check which shop is most likely to give regular discounts and promos too. Also, don’t forget to consider how much it will cost you to get there.

34. Join loyalty programs from your trusted supermarket

    Loyalty cards could give you exciting rewards in the future– which also means saving. Stores, nowadays, use this as a way to encourage buyers to buy from them. Aside from getting discounts, you’ll also know if there are any promotions ahead of time.

35. Avoid  interest payments

    Interest payments can be too difficult to pay most especially if the interest rate is too high and your source of income is merely enough. It’s like shaking the hands of the devil. If you have to deal with interest payments, opt for the lower ones.

36. Invest in high-quality appliances

    High-quality appliances are more expensive than substandard ones that are why a lot of homeowners get blinded by the fact that high-quality appliances actually help save money in the long run. With proper maintenance and usage, there’s a higher chance these appliances will last for 15 years. This Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine is a good option. You can check its price here.

37. Watch out for ATM fees

    ATM fees are not that much but this little amount could sum up into something big. Avoid withdrawing money from ATMs charging a fee and be familiar which ATMs allow you to transact for free. Most importantly, know where to find them.

38. Take advantage of the “happy hour”

    When going out with friends, take advantage of the Happy Hour where drinks are usually half price lower or a large-sized drink for a price of a regular one.

39. Hangout in a friends place

    Rather than spending hours outdoor and store-hopping spend quality time in someone’s place where you can cook, watch movies, and drink. If not, why not offer your place? This will help you get rid of unnecessary expenses.

40.  Water your plants wisely

    Gather clean, used water from the shower and water your garden with it. You’re helping conserve water and save from your utility bill.

41. Switch to generic brands

    Most of the time, generic brands are just the same ingredients as the branded ones except that they’re not… branded. They’re cheap and also effective.

42. Breastfeed your baby

    If you’re a mom, save yourself from expensive baby milk by breastfeeding your infant. It is healthy for your baby and it’s free! If you don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public, pump your milk on a baby bottle and carry it when you’re going out. Pumps vary in price so to check how much it costs, click here.

43. Make homemade baby food

    Baby foods are expensive. Instead of buying ready to eat foods, why not make your own baby food? This can be as simple and healthy as a mashed avocado, apple, banana, etc. This $14 Baby Freezer Tray can help you make healthy and delicious treats.

44. Switch to water saving shower heads

    Water saving shower heads restrict the volume of water coming out of the shower thus, saving more water. Shower heads can be cheap like the Niagara Earth Massage showerhead which is one of Amazon’s best seller. The High Sierra Low Flow showerhead is also a good investment. Give it a try here.

45. Hang clothes outside

    If weather permitting, prefer to hang clothes outside instead of using the dryer. Start by buying a clothes rack or setting up a clothesline in your backyard.

46. Organize a toy exchange

    Instead of buying new toys for your kids, join a group of parents who are up for a toy exchange event. This is a good way to get rid of old toys and get a new one for free.

47. Wash your clothes in cold water

    Another technique to make your clothes last longer and lower your energy bill is to wash your clothes in cold water instead of washing them in hot water. Besides, pretty sure most of your clothes don’t require to be washed in hot water.

48. Unplug appliances on standby

    Keeping them plugged in will still draw energy even if they’re turned off. The best way to efficiently use this hack is to use a powerstrip and simple turn one button off for all.

49. Turn off the lights

Make turning off lights a habit when leaving the room. Even a step as simple as this can already help you save money. Most especially when going out for the few hours, be sure to check every room.

50. Track your expenses

    If you can’t mentally track your expenses, write it down on a journal or on your phone. This way you can evaluate which activities you’re spending too much and make adjustments to your lifestyle.

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50 PRACTICAL MONEY SAVING IDEAS | MONEY SAVING HACKS | MONEY SAVING TIPS | WAYS TO SAVE MONEY | money saving tips for moms | frugal living | budgeting tips | budgeting ideas | frugal living ideas | saving tips | saving money tips #money #saving #frugalliving #lifehacks        50 PRACTICAL MONEY SAVING IDEAS | MONEY SAVING HACKS | MONEY SAVING TIPS | WAYS TO SAVE MONEY | money saving tips for moms | frugal living | budgeting tips | budgeting ideas | frugal living ideas | saving tips | saving money tips #money #saving #frugalliving #lifehacks

50 Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartments

Small apartments make a cozy little home for starters. Equip it with the right furniture and you’re ready to call it your “Home sweet home”. If you’re new to this whole moving in and adulting stuff, rocking your small space might be quite a challenge. Good thing we all got you covered from A to Z with these 50 space saving ideas for small apartments.

50 SPACE SAVING IDEAS FOR SMALL APARTMENTS | space saving ideas for home apartments | space saving ideas for bedroom | space saving ideas for home tiny houses | space saving ideas for kitchen | ORGANIZING TIPS | ORGANIZING IDEAS | space saving ideas tiny house #spacesavingideas #organization #homeinterior #smallapartments

Space saving ideas for the living room

1. Mount TV to wall

No one has time to buy a TV cabinet nowadays, besides, it’s just a total waste of space in your apartment. Mounting TVs to your living room wall will surely give you an extra space to breathe.

2. Ditch the floor lamps and use ceiling lights instead

ceiling lamp

Floor lamps surely add charm to your living room but it doesn’t mean they’re irreplaceable. You could start with the Luxrite LED Ceiling light, for example, or the contemporary chandelier from Kira Home. Both items can be purchased from Amazon and they make a good space-saving investment in your living room.

3. Opt for nesting tables

You can buy more living room space with nesting tables. Use it as a decorative piece with a flower vase on top then pull out more tables when needed for your afternoon tea. Once done, get them back together and voila! This traditional 3-piece Nesting Table Set at Amazon is a very good purchase. Check here for its price.

4. Consider stacking shelves on the wall

floating shelves for small spartments

Having some guests for the weekend? A living room gives you the chance to show-off! If you have more stuff to display, stacking up shelves is a great hack to save space in your apartment. So, don’t be afraid to get this set of floating shelves from Greenco and fill it up with picture frames and cool trophies. It is cheap too!

5. Use under stairs as a storage area

If you have stairs in your tiny apartment, why not utilize the space under? That’s right, Potterhead! It’s time for the “cupboard under the stairs”. You can use this space to keep books or store your shoes in a neat and tidy way.

6. Avoid over-decorating the walls

Small space can be fixed by working with the visuals. Instead of over-decorating your walls which will make the room look smaller, take the minimalist approach to make the room look spacious. Also, a couple of bigger wall art is better than a hundred small ones.

7. Opt for armless sofas

A tight room can look lax and spacious with armless sofas. If you’re planning to bring in three comfortable sofas in your living room set, try getting armless on two of them to save a couple inches of space.

8. Convert room dividers into shelves

cabinet divider for small apartment ideas

Room dividers are the key to privacy but they’re easy to get rid of most especially for the space-conscious apartment owners. However, this large room divider from Ikea will surely make you want to take them back in and store books and other collectibles without regrets.

9. Consider a convertible sofa

A convertible sofa is a good space-saving hack because it can instantly turn into a bed. Now, you’ll have extra room for your guests. You also don’t have to store a big mattress somewhere and waste space.

10. Buy furniture with built-in storage closets

An ottoman with storage, like this, can store a few blankets, pillowcases, and magazines. Who will need an extra drawer for this?

Space saving ideas for the kitchen



11. Hang a rack on the side of the fridge

You can stick fridge magnets on the side but it would be more efficient to hang racks on it. A 6-tier fridge rack is a good choice for organizing jars, knives and kitchen gloves within reach. Get it here.

12. Keep cleaning supplies and trash bin under the sink

The nasty place under your kitchen sink is also the safest place to keep your cleaning supplies and trash. Buy a two-level lady Susan to store your stuff and a small trash bin that fits under your sink. This will give you extra space in your kitchen.

13. Make a rack to hang your cookware

Running out of space for your casseroles and frying pans? A rack against your wall is also a great idea. Now, you don’t only have a space-saving solution but you also have a rocking eye-candy in your kitchen.

14. Use a rolling cart as a pullout pantry

If you don’t have space for shelves to store your goods, you can turn tight spaces into storage instead. Have a small space between your fridge and the wall? A slim rolling cart would fit perfectly in it. This 3-tier slim cart is one of the most popular of its kind and it’s ready to roll out spices, canned foods, and kitchen supplies without sacrificing space.

15. Ditch the double-bowl sink

A double-bowl sink is too much for a small kitchen space so opt for a single-bowl sink instead. There are a variety of sink styles and pretty sure you can easily find a single-bowl that will still look big. You might be looking for something like this Undermount Kitchen Sink by Kraus.

16. Use a magnetic knife strip

A magnetic knife strip against a wall is a total killer. Not only will it save space in your kitchen but it will totally make the room look cool as ever. Knives with wooden handles usually look good for display so if you happen to have this set of knives, go on and put them in your magnetic strip.

17. Install rows of shelves above your counters

kitchen counters

The space above your kitchen counters can usually be ignored but not when you have a tight space. Installing rows of kitchen shelves on the wall above it is one of the most practical ways to utilize this unused space.

18. Utilize the sides of the cabinet

By using S hooks and bars, you can turn the sides of your kitchen cabinet usable. You can now hang towels, baking gloves, and aprons in one location.

19. Consider minimalist cabinets and appliances

Bulky knobs can cause discomfort in a small kitchen. It is where accidents like bumping into bulky knobs and getting caught by the handles most likely happen. To avoid this, keep your kitchen hardware as minimalist as possible.

20. Over-the-sink cutting board

Don’t get too many kitchen counters, instead, use over-the-sink items like a cutting board to prepare your dishes. A bamboo cutting board with adjustable legs can expand your kitchen space as it provides you with a sturdy workplace for cutting, mincing, or chopping. Check out its price on Amazon.

21. Install a fold-down kitchen table

A fold-down kitchen table gives you extra space for your things when you need it and an extra space for your kitchen when you don’t. Simply fold it and tuck it against the wall after using it. You can paint the bottom side of the table to make it look like a wall art when unused.

Space saving ideas for dining room

space saving ideas for small kitchen

22. Use dining table with tuck-in seats

A dining table with tuck-in seats should also make it to your dining area. This set will give you extra room since you will be tucking-in those seats when not “in use”. A dining set as versatile as this table from Abington Lane will surely show you how it is done.

Space saving ideas for bedroom

23. Buy a dual-purpose corner desk

A corner desk extending close to your bed will not only serve as your workstation during daytime but it can act as a nightstand for bedtime too. Make sure to get a corner desk with drawers so you also have space to keep other things.

24. Use a windowsill as a nightstand

If you have a spacious windowsill, bet you don’t need a dual-purpose corner desk because you can still save space by using the windowsill as a nightstand. Go ahead and place your bed by the window and place your usual nightstand items on top.

25. Mount bedside lamps to the wall

Get a wall-mounted bedside lamp like this Kenroy Home Swing Arm Wall Lamp and you don’t have to get a bedside table for it. It will give space for other things that you need to keep within reach.

26. Install lights on the headboard

headboard light

One way to keep you from getting floor lamps is to install lights on your headboard. This will also give your bedroom a fancy hotel vibe while saving space. Plus, you can reach for the switch easily.

27. Look for beds with underneath storage

Neatly store your clothes, bags, and other items under your bed by getting something with a built-in storage. This bed with 6 drawers from Prepac is a good example. Check it out here.

28. Use a built-in shelf

A built-in shelf is better than protruding shelves in your bedroom. This will help you save space better. You can keep your personal stuff and papers without worrying about space.

29. Use the wall as a headboard

Save a few inches by skipping the headboard. Besides, it’s unnecessary for a small bedroom. Push your bed vertically against the wall instead and use the wall as a headboard.

30. Use the window as a headboard

Another technique to save space is to use your window as the headboard. If you’re planning to mount shelves or other pieces on your wall and you don’t have enough for your bed, the window is an alternate solution. Cover it up with a nice curtain and you’re good to go.

Space saving ideas for bathroom

31. Get some oversized bins

The space under your bathroom sink can be used to keep oversized bins with towels and bathrobes, or laundry. For a more stylish look, go for the woven basket ones.

32. Buy a mirrored cabinet

Mirrors and cabinets are two essential bathroom items but separately, these can take more space. This mirrored cabinet from Tangkula is wide and spacious enough to help you save space in your tiny bathroom. Simply mount it on your bathroom wall and it can be a mirror and a storage space at the same time.

33. Consider getting an oval sink

Compared to a rectangular sink, an oval sink leaves more space on top of your counter. It may not be that much but every inch matters when saving space.

34. Drill towel racks above your tub

bathtub and towel rack

Wall space is also important and you can save it by using the wall above your tub and put towel racks on it. You can then hang your towels and grab them conveniently without getting off the tub.

35. Put a large mirror over the tub

Another tip you can do is to place a large mirror over the tub. This will also make a good use of this wall— saving you lots of wall space and floor space.

36. Choose bathroom fixtures with rounded edges

Rounded edges will free up a little bit of space in a tiny bathroom. They also reduce the chance of painfully bumping into hard edges.

37. Go for a sliding door

A sliding door saves more space than the traditional pull and push door. This is perfect for limited bathroom space so you don’t have to step back and rub shoulders with other items in your bathroom.

38. Use an over the toilet rack

Keep your toilet papers and sanitary items easily reachable with a toilet rack like the Bathroom Spacesaver rack from Zenna Home. It is perfect for every space-conscious homeowners who need a room for their bathroom necessities.

39. Mount towel racks behind bathroom doors

You can also use the space behind your door and turn it into a towel rack. It’s easy to do and cheap too! You can go for the S hooks or a bar to hang your towels. Check out these great finds in Amazon:

40. Mount an organizer behind cabinet doors

This is a good place to keep your hair dryer, flat iron, and brushes. Just simply purchase an organizer and mount it behind the door of your bathroom cabinet. Your bathroom will surely look neat and organized all the time.

More space saving ideas for small apartments


41. Elevate your bed

If you have a low-rise bed, then it’s time to get a set of bed lifters to give more storage space underneath. These bed lifters will instantly give you extra storage space by simply putting them under each leg of your bed. Get these space-savers here.

42. Put on an armrest table

If you don’t have space for a coffee table, an armrest table is a good alternative. Wrap it around your couch armrest, secure it, and enjoy a cup of coffee on it. You can also get a single couch coaster for your drinks if you don’t fancy a tray table.

43. Use shelves as desk

If you don’t need lots of items in your workspace, use a shelf instead of buying a new desk. This will save you money and space.

44. Turn a TV set into a room divider

For studio type apartments, you can also skip the room dividers and use your TV set to separate your bed space and entertainment space. Besides, you can also make sure you won’t have any distraction when it’s time for bed since the TV is facing the other side of the room.

45. Get a hanging clothes rack

Opt for hanging clothes rack from the ceiling instead of buying bulky cabinets. You’ll be able to use your vertical space to give more floor room for other things. This adjustable hanging closet in Amazon is a good one.

46. Build a loft bed

If living in a small studio-type apartment, consider building a loft bed. This room design is already very popular right now so why not give it a shot?

47. Always put things back in place

Leaving in a small apartment needs the right mindset. Start by putting things back in their place instead of leaving things where you used them. This will be a challenge to some but it will be a very helpful space-saving habit in the long run.

48. Buy an ironing mat

With a magnetic ironing mat, you can iron your clothes on any flat surface without any bulky ironing board so you don’t have to waste a space in your room. Go ahead and try this ironing mat from Houseables if you want to ditch your traditional ironing board.

49. Choose your colors wisely

Your choice of colors will not literally expand your room but it somehow helps by bringing the illusion that it is. Neutral colors and sticking to a color scheme can make your small space look bigger. Also, try to bring more light in too.

50. Shelf above the door

Installing a shelf above your door is also a good idea to utilize your space. You can keep extra towels, blankets, or even pillows on top. This hack is perfect for your bedroom or the bathroom.

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50 SPACE SAVING IDEAS FOR SMALL APARTMENTS | space saving ideas for home apartments | space saving ideas for bedroom | space saving ideas for home tiny houses | space saving ideas for kitchen | ORGANIZING TIPS | ORGANIZING IDEAS | space saving ideas tiny house #spacesavingideas #organization #homeinterior #smallapartments       50 SPACE SAVING IDEAS FOR SMALL APARTMENTS | space saving ideas for home apartments | space saving ideas for bedroom | space saving ideas for home tiny houses | space saving ideas for kitchen | ORGANIZING TIPS | ORGANIZING IDEAS | space saving ideas tiny house #spacesavingideas #organization #homeinterior #smallapartments


Top 10 Countries To Teach English Online

Teaching English online is one of the most in demand remote jobs. In fact, it has become one of the most successful sources of income for digital nomads all over the world. Teaching English can even be more fun going to different countries and settling down. However, not everyone can endure the strenuous process of getting a visa. Thank Heavens for these online platforms, teachers can now teach English online. With that, here are the top countries to be an online English teacher.


1. China

Known as the world’s largest population, it’s no surprise that China is leading in the demand for online English teachers. This demand seems outrageous that there are now online platforms for Chinese students to virtually learn. English teachers who teach the Chinese market also get rewarding bonuses and incentives in return. Lastly, you don’t have to be an English wizard to get started here which makes it the perfect opportunity for teachers with little to no experience. 

Average Rate

The hourly rate is between $14 to $20 but it could get higher depending on your performance.


As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to have extensive experience in order to start teaching for the Chinese. You can have any sort of experience (may it be a formal or informal mentoring) but you must at least meet the minimum requirement which is not that hard to attain. Having a Bachelor’s degree is one basic requirement to be considered for the position. Most importantly, you must have a stable internet and a working computer. 


  • VIPKid – it is one of the most popular English teaching platforms for Chinese students aged 4-12. It is also one of those who are actively hiring teachers who want to work a part-time job with an attractive rate. However, this company only hires residents from the US and Canada.

  • QKid – This is quite similar to VIPKid. The students are 5-12 Chinese kids who are all eager to learn English. This company offers a slightly higher rate.

2. Japan

Popular for its people and culture, Japan also has a high-demand of English teachers. While on its continuous goal for a progressive economy, Japanese also seek to learn and be fluent in English. Setting the rate aside, working with these Japanese students is also a great experience for some. Though it would have been a better experience to actually teach in Japan, others prefer to work online as these online platforms will save you from the high cost of living in Japan which might break their bank. 

Average Rate

The rate is not as tempting as teaching English to other countries but it is a competitive rate. More or less, the hourly rate is $12.


The requirements vary but most of the time, there are some companies who require an ESL Certificate or teaching certificate in any subject. Some also require a Bachelor’s degree or at least 48 hours of credit hours in college.


  • Englishunt – this company also teaches Japanese students through their set of virtual learning programs. However, they’re only hiring US citizens.

  • NativeCamp – a Japanese online tutorial company which operates in Japan and The Philippines. Having said, it is most popular among Filipino applicants.

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3. South Korea

Korea is also one of the biggest markets for English teachers. The root cause of this has been traced down to the education system in Korea where students learn English out of textbook exercises rather than learning through practice. This is why many determined Koreans enroll in online English tutorials to develop their communication fluency.

Average Rate

The rate is not very attractive as some companies offer rates as low as $4 per hour. But there are also a lot which pays $10-15 hourly.


Most companies require native English speakers. Non-native speakers can also apply but the hourly rate may depend on it. Some companies also require a teaching certificate but some would prefer those with teaching experience and a university degree. 


  • Carrot English – not the best of them but it’s a decent company to start teaching English to Korean students.

  • Skybel – a Filipino company which aim to teach Korean students. They hire a good amount of native and non-native speakers.

4. Vietnam

Although English is said to be the second language in Vietnam, a lot of Vietnamese are still struggling with it. While there are some who knows the basic, there are still more Vietnamese who does not entirely speak English— most especially those from the remote areas. We all know how the language barrier can affect a nation and for a developing country like Vietnam, learning English is one of the keys to progress.

Average Rate

Teaching English to Vietnamese is not the highest paying job but it will serve as a great experience for those who want to teach Vietnamese students. The rate is around $7-12 per hour. 


Some popular online companies that offer English lessons to Vietnamese require a TEFL/TESL/CELTA certificate. Being a native speaker is also an advantage.


  • HiTutor – This company which is based in Taiwan offers English lessons to various nationalities and Vietnamese is one of them. They hire non-native speakers too but with at least 1 year of teaching experience.

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5. Taiwan 

Taiwan is breathtakingly a hidden gem in Asia but do you know that Taiwanese students are also a gem for English teachers? While the competition in the online teaching industry is tough, Taiwanese students add up to the market which gives more opportunities for online job-seekers. If you have been teaching Chinese students for some time now, the Taiwanese won’t be a problem to deal with.

Average Rate

There are companies that pay $10-$20 per hour but there are also a few that pays $2 per hour. However, bonus and incentives are sometimes given.


TESL/TOEFL/TESOL/IELTS certificate is required for companies with high rates. A bachelor’s degree in any subject is also required. On the other hand, those with low rates hire applicants with no experience. They also only require at least 2 years in college. 


  • UNHoop – This Philippine-based company has low rates. However, it is a good starting ground for applicants with no college diploma but wants to teach English. Aside from Taiwanese, this company also has Filipino and Japanese clients.

  • EnglishOnlineStudy – One of its clients are Taiwanese students of all ages. Certificates are required to apply. Lastly, this company has a very attractive rate.

6. Russia

Statistics say that only 15% of the Russians speak a foreign language. While many of them think that learning a foreign language is not essential, some still think it’s a good idea. But Russia is one of the countries with stricter visa application process. That is why amidst the demand of English teachers, online sites offering English lessons to Russians have become a big hit.

Average Rate

The rate is between $10-20 per hour.


Teaching English to Russian students has to meet some quite demanding requirements first. One of them is fluency in the Russian and English language. Some companies also prefer native English speakers who can speak Russian as well. An ESL certificate might be a requirement to some popular and high-paying companies.


  • Lingua Airlines – One with the most demanding qualification but do pay high. Lingua Airlines aims to teach English to Russians for work and exam preparations.

  • EnglishDom – a Russian company which offers private or 1-on-1 ESL classes to Russian students. They hire teachers who can speak English and Russian.

  • Online Teachers UK – a company from the UK that offers 1-on-1 lessons to Russian students. However, they only hire British applicants. 


7. United Arab Emirates

UAE, known to many, is a very wealthy country and there’s also a demand for online English teachers. The pay here is also a good deal for most online English tutors if we add up the base rate with all the possible incentives you can get if you perform well.

Average Rate

The hourly rate can go as high as $80.


The requirements, in exchange for a high paying job, are also demanding like an advanced college degree, at least two years teaching experience with teaching certifications.


  • Douroosi – an online tutorial service based in the Middle East. It offers 1-on-1 lessons to children. Aside from English, they also offer tutorials in Science and Math. The rate here is incredibly high but you must be a native speaker to qualify.

8. Thailand

One with the highest-demand when it comes to English lessons, Thailand has been put under pressure to teach English to all Thai students because of the impact that it will make in the ASEAN economic zone. Just like other developing countries, Thailand is also eyeing to boost its economy through English proficiency. Not to mention, Thai students are also a favorite of most teacher’s whether they’re immersed in the rich Thai culture or an online teacher from the opposite side of the world.

Average Rate

The hourly rate is around $10-15.


TESL certificate or other applicable certificates are usually required. A bachelor’s degree and a  substantial amount of experience will also bring more advantage to your application. Some companies also require a minimum internet speed (at least 1.5 Mbps).


  • LingoKids – this company based in Madrid is teaching English to various countries including Thailand through fun and interactive kid activities. The application process also includes presenting a demo class.

9. Czech Republic

Czechs are one of the markets for English teachers too! Not only a land of castles and beers, it’s also raining opportunities for online English teachers too. (Although it’s not that much compared to China, Thailand, etc) Czechs don’t usually need to learn English because most of the people moving in (Russian, Bulgarians, etc.) are the ones who learn their language.

It is not a huge economic hub in Europe but some still need to learn English for businesses and opportunities abroad.

Average Rate

Large English tutorial companies offer English courses to Czechs with rates from $10-20 per hour.


They also have high standards which require applicants to have a university degree, a CELTA/TESL certificate, and a couple of years  teaching experience.


  • Break into English – this company teaches one on one English lessons via Skype to European students including those from the Czech Republic. Their clients come from different ages. Some preparing for school exams while some for business purposes.

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10. Laos

Another developing country like Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is also aiming to improve its English proficiency. With economic reasons underlying behind, Laos gives more opportunities to English teachers all over the world.

Average Rate

The rate is usually around $12-15  per hour. But there are some companies that offer higher.


For big companies, teachers with at least a bachelor’s degree (can be higher) and with years of teaching experience are more preferred. Teaching experience in TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and SAT tests is also an advantage.


  • Koolearn – a nice English tutorial company for North American and British teachers. It has lots of promising opportunities for the qualified applicants.

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How To Become A Search Engine Evaluator (And Get Paid Up To $25 Per Hour For The Job)

Today, opportunities are everywhere that we are no longer forced to leave the house to earn a living. Search Engine Evaluator jobs, also known as SEO Evaluator or Web Search Evaluator, can bring up to $25 per hour from the comfort of your own home. It is one of those work from home jobs where you can earn decent amount of salary.

If being a Search Engine Evaluator sounds nice but you have little to no knowledge of this job, don’t worry because this article will talk about the basics of being an SEO Evaluator and where you can get started.

How To Become An SEO Evaluator And Get Paid Up To $25 Per Hour Working Online | Search Engine Evalutor Jobs | Work From Home | Online Work | Remote Work | Money Making Ideas #remotejobs #moneymakingideas #onlinework #onlinejobs

What is Search Engine Evaluator?

An SEO or search engine evaluator, from the word itself, evaluates search engine results. They will examine and analyze search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and helps ensure that these are accurate, relevant, and spam-free.

But you might be wondering “Isn’t everything on the internet run by codes and algorithms already”? Yes, this is correct but even a technology as advanced as a search engine is not 100% perfect.

This engine run by complicated algorithm still needs human help to weed out its flaws and this is where SEO Evaluators get in the picture.  

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What does an SEO Evaluator do?

No one except for the SEO Evaluators, themselves, know deeper details of this job because of a non-disclosure agreement which applies to every single employer. Since SEO Evaluators work closely with the algorithm and how search engines work, it is required that they agree to this policy before starting to work.

This means agreeing not to disclose any information about the search engine algorithm and specific details of the tasks. To become an SEO Evaluator, there are also different qualifications that you have to meet depending on the hiring company.

While some prefer bilingual applicants, the general requirement does not involve extensive skills like programming. Besides, applicants also undergo a training period in preparation for the job.

How To Become An SEO Evaluator And Get Paid Up To $25 Per Hour Working Online | Search Engine Evalutor Jobs | Work From Home | Online Work | Remote Work | Money Making Ideas

What are the advantages of being a Web Search Evaluator?

1. Work anytime and anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of being a web search evaluator is having to work at your own schedule. You are not required to work or be at a certain place at a certain time with this job. Just as long as you have a stable internet connection and a laptop/PC then you’re good to go. You can work on it after your regular work or while in the middle of your backpacking journey across Southeast Asia.

2. More free time, more opportunities to take

Working on your task will not eat up your entire day. You can even work for like 10 to 20 minutes at a time. With this, you have more free time to work on other high-paying jobs.

3. Earn well

Considering the workload of this task, earning at least $12 per hour (if you’re an American or European citizen) or $7 per hour (if you’re from a developing country) is a decent amount. 

4. Understand how a search engine works

Although you are not allowed to disclose this information to the public, having a proper knowledge of how a search engine works is helpful for those who are also into social media marketing and advertising. Bloggers and content creators who need to rank in search engines will find this knowledge very beneficial.

5. No need to dress to impress

No one will ever judge you if you work on your pajama because there’s literally no one from work who can see you. You can save money from investing in conservative office clothes and rock that Victoria Secret/Calvin Klein Sleepwear.

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What are the disadvantages of being an SEO Evaluator?

1. Irregular and inconsistent work

An SEO Evaluator job is not for those who are looking for a full-time regular job. There are times where there are no tasks which means that you will also not get paid. Aside from that, you can also lose the job in a snap of a finger.

2. No job benefits

Since this is just a contractual/ part-time job (I repeat, not a full-time job), you will not receive any benefits that a regular employee will receive. SEO Evaluators do not have vacation pay, work incentives/ allowance, and most importantly, health insurance.

3. Still have to pay your tax

You still have to pay your taxes and do all the paperwork on your own.

4. Provide for your own equipment

You need to have your own laptop and internet connection because your employer will not lend you a Macbook or a free subscription to the internet provider. Not to mention, the electricity bill is also in your own expense.

5. Track your own time

Nope! You don’t have one of those punch-in/punch-out time trackers so you have to patiently take note of your hours. Your employer will not mind if you invoiced fewer hours so if ever you did, it will be your loss.

6. The training period is not paid

Some companies have a training period of more or less 2 weeks. During this period, you will spend time learning the job but you will still not get paid for it yet.


Which companies offer Search Engine Evaluators jobs?

After getting a grasp of what an SEO Evaluator is and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of this job, the next step for you is to know where to get started. There are a lot of companies with SEO Evaluator job openings because it indeed takes a couple of human resources to work with a search engine. (Well unless it miraculously fixes itself) Below are the most popular companies who hire SEO Evaluators.


This company is based in Pleasanton, California and hires independent contractors for work from home search engine evaluator positions. The nature of its work is focused on in-depth internet research and analysis.

Leapforce is one of those companies with a competitive pay and undemanding work hours.

Hourly Rate:

On average, Leapforce pays $11 per hour (for US-based agents) and around $7 per hour (for non-US based agents)

Website: https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/home

How to apply:

To apply, you must meet the basic requirements first:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old

  2. Must have a high-speed internet access

  3. Must have a personal computer with Google Chrome version 45

  4. Must have an up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware software

  5. Must be able to effectively communicate through writing

  6. Must have web research skills

  7. Must have excellent analytical skills

If you meet the requirements above, proceed to this link to enroll as a Leapforce agent. The application process includes a three-part exam which will assess your theoretical and practical knowledge about web search engine evaluation.


Founded in 1996, Lionbridge is one of the oldest companies hiring independent contractors for various online jobs. This company is not only focused on SEO evaluation jobs but also a translation, interpretation, and data entry jobs.

It conducts operations in 22 countries all over the world and its clients include the biggest names like Google, Oracle, Adobe, Cisco, Samsung, etc.

Hourly Rate:

Lionbridge pays an hourly rate of $14 on average.

Website: https://www.lionbridge.com/en-us

How to Apply:

Basic requirement includes an internet connection, a working computer, and an Android phone for some mobile tasks. Aside from these requirements, there is also an online assessment that the applicant must pass before he will be given the position.

To find opportunities in your country, visit this link.

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Appen is a leading company in machine-learning and artificial intelligence. Its clients revolve in the field of search, speech, social media, eCommerce, etc. and opportunities in Appen are not limited to Search Engine Evaluation only.

However, if you’re eyeing for this position, you must know that Appen requires web assessors/ SEO evaluators to work 4 hours per day. This sums up to 20 hours a week. Being a global company, Appen has headquarters and offices in the US, Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, and China.

Hourly Rate:

Up to $25 per hour

Website: https://appen.com/

How to Apply:

If you’re interested to start a career in Appen, you can find job openings through this link. The requirements for being an SEO Evaluator is similar to Leapforce and other hiring companies:

  1. Basic knowledge of search engines

  2. Comprehensive and communication skills

Knowledge in social media platforms is also a bonus skill if you want to land a job in Appen because most tasks involve evaluating search results in social media like Facebook and Twitter.


With its headquarters in Beijing, China, iSoftStone offers Search Engine Evaluator jobs for US-based applicants. This private company was founded in 2001 and has been partnering with a range of clients to create innovative solutions through various tasks and a couple of them are search engine evaluation and transcription.

Hourly Rate:

Contractors can earn $12-$13 per hour

Website: https://issworld.isoftstone.com/

How to Apply:

You must meet the following requirements if you want to be one of the independent contractors in iSoftStone:

  1. Must be a US resident

  2. Must be at least 18 years old

  3. Must pass the training and tests

  4. Must have high-speed internet

  5. Must have Windows PC with IE version 9 and higher

You can search for openings through this link.

If you fancy a job as flexible and decent paying as an SEO Evaluator, go ahead and check out these top companies or you can also do your own research and apply on which you think suits best for you.

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