laptop in the table. sponsored post networks for bloggers

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Over the years, blogging has been one of the best ways in which a person can earn online.

With blogging, someone gets to do something that interests them while enjoying opportunities to earn from it as well. Whether a blog caters to a specific niche or features a variety of topics, there are various ways in which a blogger can earn from it.

A popular way to earn from blogging is through ads, which takes a while depending on site traffic and engagement. Another and easier way to earn through blogging is by creating sponsored posts.

10 Companies That Offer Sponsored Post For Bloggers

10 Companies That Offer Sponsored Post For Bloggers

A “sponsored post” is when a company commissions a blogger to create and publish a very specific piece of content. This content usually promotes or reviews said the company’s product or service.

Through sponsored posts, a blogger is bringing more awareness to a certain brand using their platform, which can be a blog or social media site.

Bloggers are paid by these companies or brands to create and publish these posts which result in more publicity for them.

laptop in the table. sponsored post networks for bloggers

Creating sponsored posts is one of the ways in which bloggers earn, especially those who already have a significant number of followers, website visits, and influence. A bigger audience means higher pay for a sponsored post.

How does a blogger find those who are willing to pay for their time and effort in coming up with relevant content?

One way is to approach companies that might be interested in collaborating by sending emails or messages through their social media sites.

Another is by applying to networks that can help connect with brands or sponsors.

These are called sponsored post networks, which are essentially companies that connect brands with bloggers,  content creators, or influencers who can help promote their brand, product, or service.

Bloggers only need to sign up for these networks to have access to more sponsored post opportunities that will allow them to earn through their platforms.

Here are some of the top networks sponsored posts for bloggers that will help you earn more for your blogs.

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1. Acorn

Acorn is often cited as among the best-sponsored posts network because they work with bloggers/influencers of all levels. This means that even smaller blogs are encouraged to join. One great thing about Acorn is they offer opportunities to bloggers and influencers to connect and work with some big brands like Johnson &Johnson, Kraft, Procter & Gamble, NBC Universal, and Nickelodeon.

Niche: Business and Marketing

2. Aspire IQ

Regarded as one of the best networks for paid blogging jobs,  Aspire IQ usually works with those on Instagram.

This sponsored post network allows bloggers to set their own pay as well as the kind of work they are interested in doing for the brand such as blog posts, Instagram posts, reviews, etc.

Niche: Business and Marketing

3. Blog Meets Brand

Blog Meets Brand is one of the best and most popular blog networks that offer opportunities to earn via sponsored posts.

This network connects bloggers with some great brands. The sign-up process is quite easy and within minutes, you’re on your way to earning through creating sponsored posts.

Niche: Content creators on all topics, categories, and niches can join.

4. BlogDash

A large network comprised of over 100,000 bloggers, Blog Dash is one of the most trusted sites when it comes to sponsored posts offers. The pay here is pretty good as well and bloggers will most likely find sponsored post gigs that are right for their niche.

Niche: Content creators on all topics, categories, and niches can join.

5. BlogHer

Bloggers whose content cater mostly to the female demographic will have more chances of landing a sponsored post-gig at BlogHer.

A premium ad network, BlogHer will connect you to some amazing brands to partner with.

The site is quite strict in choosing blogs though, so make sure that your content caters primarily to women – whether it’s beauty, fashion, self-care, or food.

Niche: caters to the female demographic

6. Clever

Clever is another favorite among bloggers when it comes to sponsored post networks. The site connects bloggers, content creators, and influencers of any niche to some good brands to work with.

This sponsored post website also has a nice, clean dashboard and easy to understand instructions for each campaign they feature.

Niche: Content creators on most topics, categories, and niches can join.

7. Izea

Izea is one of the biggest sponsored post networks that provide opportunities for practically any niche. They work with bloggers and content creators like YouTubers, Instagrammers, photographers, and influencers.

Izea looks at the type of content you put out, and help in connecting you with publishers and brands looking for sponsored posts.

They also partner with some big brands such as Alaska Airlines, HGTV, Mattel, Mercedes Benz, Target, and The Home Depot.

Niche: Content creators on all topics, categories, and niches can join.

8. Linqia

Linqia is another known sponsored post network that caters mostly with a particular niche – lifestyle and parenting.

The pay at Linqia is pretty good, especially if your initial post has reached a wider audience or generated more traffic. The pay at Linquia is based on a pay-per-click system.

Niche: parenting/lifestyle blog 

9. Social Fabric

Social Fabric or SoFab is a blogger network that has been around for years and has helped bloggers earn through sponsored content.

This is a collaboration platform where brands post sponsored post opportunities for their campaigns.

Bloggers and influencers then apply to the campaign offers. and they are then paid for their work in promoting the brand. The kind of content varies – from blog posts, reviews to social media promotions on Facebook or Instagram.

Niche: Content creators on all topics, categories, and niches can join.

10. Tap Influence

A nice, well-organized site for sponsored content, Tap Influence id another favorite among bloggers.

The site connects bloggers with some known brands and cool campaigns where they can create sponsored content.

The pay is good and connecting with companies looking for bloggers to collaborate with is quite easy.

Niche: Content creators on most topics, categories, and niches can join.