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Today, opportunities are everywhere that we are no longer forced to leave the house to earn a living. Search Engine Evaluator jobs, also known as SEO Evaluator or Web Search Evaluator, can bring up to $25 per hour from the comfort of your own home. It is one of those work from home jobs where you can earn a decent amount of salary.

If being a Search Engine Evaluator sounds nice but you have little to no knowledge of this job, don’t worry because this article will talk about the basics of being an SEO Evaluator and where you can get started.

How To Become A Search Engine Evaluator (And Get Paid Up To $25 Per Hour For The Job)

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What is Search Engine Evaluator?

An SEO or search engine evaluator, from the word itself, evaluates search engine results. They will examine and analyze search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines and helps ensure that these are accurate, relevant, and spam-free.

But you might be wondering “Isn’t everything on the internet run by codes and algorithms already”? Yes, this is correct but even technology as advanced as a search engine is not 100% perfect.

This engine run by complicated algorithm still needs human help to weed out its flaws and this is where SEO Evaluators get in the picture.  

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What does an SEO Evaluator do?

No one except for the SEO Evaluators, themselves, know deeper details of this job because of a non-disclosure agreement which applies to every single employer.

Since SEO Evaluators work closely with the algorithm and how search engines work, it is required that they agree to this policy before starting to work.

This means agreeing not to disclose any information about the search engine algorithm and specific details of the tasks.

To become an SEO Evaluator, there are also different qualifications that you have to meet depending on the hiring company.

While some prefer bilingual applicants, the general requirement does not involve extensive skills like programming. Besides, applicants also undergo a training period in preparation for the job.

How To Become An SEO Evaluator And Get Paid Up To $25 Per Hour Working Online | Search Engine Evalutor Jobs | Work From Home | Online Work | Remote Work | Money Making Ideas

What are the advantages of being a Web Search Evaluator?

1. Work anytime and anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of being a web search evaluator is having to work at your own schedule. You are not required to work or be at a certain place at a certain time with this job. Just as long as you have a stable internet connection and a laptop/PC then you’re good to go. You can work on it after your regular work or while in the middle of your backpacking journey across Southeast Asia.

2. More free time, more opportunities to take

Working on your task will not eat up your entire day. You can even work for like 10 to 20 minutes at a time. With this, you have more free time to work on other high-paying jobs.

3. Earn well

Considering the workload of this task, earning at least $12 per hour (if you’re an American or European citizen) or $7 per hour (if you’re from a developing country) is a decent amount. 

4. Understand how a search engine works

Although you are not allowed to disclose this information to the public, having proper knowledge of how a search engine works are helpful for those who are also into social media marketing and advertising. Bloggers and content creators who need to rank in search engines will find this knowledge very beneficial.

5. No need to dress to impress

No one will ever judge you if you work on your pajama because there’s literally no one from work who can see you. You can save money from investing in conservative office clothes and rock that Victoria Secret/Calvin Klein Sleepwear.

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What are the disadvantages of being an SEO Evaluator?

1. Irregular and inconsistent work

An SEO Evaluator job is not for those who are looking for a full-time regular job. There are times where there are no tasks which means that you will also not get paid. Aside from that, you can also lose the job in a snap of a finger.

2. No job benefits

Since this is just a contractual/ part-time job (I repeat, not a full-time job), you will not receive any benefits that a regular employee will receive. SEO Evaluators do not have vacation pay, work incentives/ allowance, and most importantly, health insurance.

3. Still have to pay your tax

You still have to pay your taxes and do all the paperwork on your own.

4. Provide for your own equipment

You need to have your own laptop and internet connection because your employer will not lend you a Macbook or a free subscription to the internet provider. Not to mention, the electricity bill is also in your own expense.

5. Track your own time

Nope! You don’t have one of those punch-in/punch-out time trackers so you have to patiently take note of your hours. Your employer will not mind if you invoiced fewer hours so if ever you did, it will be your loss.

6. The training period is not paid

Some companies have a training period of more or less 2 weeks. During this period, you will spend time learning the job but you will still not get paid for it yet.


Which companies offer Search Engine Evaluators jobs?

After getting a grasp of what an SEO Evaluator is and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of this job, the next step for you is to know where to get started.

There are a lot of companies with SEO Evaluator job openings because it indeed takes a couple of human resources to work with a search engine. Well unless it miraculously fixes itself. Below are the most popular companies that hire SEO Evaluators.


This company is based in Pleasanton, California, and hires independent contractors for work from home search engine evaluator positions. The nature of its work is focused on in-depth internet research and analysis.

Leapforce is one of those companies with competitive pay and undemanding work hours.

Hourly Rate:

On average, Leapforce pays $11 per hour (for US-based agents) and around $7 per hour (for non-US based agents)


How to apply:

To apply, you must meet the basic requirements first:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old

  2. Must have high-speed internet access

  3. Must have a personal computer with Google Chrome version 45

  4. Must have an up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware software

  5. Must be able to effectively communicate through writing

  6. Must have web research skills

  7. Must have excellent analytical skills

If you meet the requirements above, proceed to this link to enroll as a Leapforce agent. The application process includes a three-part exam that will assess your theoretical and practical knowledge about web search engine evaluation.


Founded in 1996, Lionbridge is one of the oldest companies hiring independent contractors for various online jobs. This company is not only focused on SEO evaluation jobs but also a translation, interpretation, and data entry jobs.

It conducts operations in 22 countries all over the world and its clients include the biggest names like Google, Oracle, Adobe, Cisco, Samsung, etc.

Hourly Rate:

Lionbridge pays an hourly rate of $14 on average.


How to Apply:

The basic requirement includes an internet connection, a working computer, and an Android phone for some mobile tasks. Aside from these requirements, there is also an online assessment that the applicant must pass before he will be given the position.

To find opportunities in your country, visit this link.

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Appen is a leading company in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its clients revolve in the field of search, speech, social media, eCommerce, etc. and opportunities in Appen are not limited to Search Engine Evaluation only.

However, if you’re eyeing for this position, you must know that Appen requires web assessors/ SEO evaluators to work 4 hours per day. This sums up to 20 hours a week. Being a global company, Appen has headquarters and offices in the US, Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, and China.

Hourly Rate:

Up to $25 per hour


How to Apply:

If you’re interested to start a career in Appen, you can find job openings through this link. The requirements for being an SEO Evaluator is similar to Leapforce and other hiring companies:

  1. Basic knowledge of search engines

  2. Comprehensive and communication skills

Knowledge in social media platforms is also a bonus skill if you want to land a job in Appen because most tasks involve evaluating search results in social media like Facebook and Twitter.


With its headquarters in Beijing, China, iSoftStone offers Search Engine Evaluator jobs for US-based applicants.

This private company was founded in 2001 and has been partnering with a range of clients to create innovative solutions through various tasks and a couple of them are search engine evaluation and transcription.

Hourly Rate:

Contractors can earn $12-$13 per hour


How to Apply:

You must meet the following requirements if you want to be one of the independent contractors in iSoftStone:

  1. Must be a US resident

  2. Must be at least 18 years old

  3. Must pass the training and tests

  4. Must have high-speed internet

  5. Must have Windows PC with IE version 9 and higher

You can search for openings through this link.

If you fancy a job as flexible and decent-paying as an SEO Evaluator, go ahead and check out these top companies or you can also do your own research and apply on which you think suits best for you.

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How To Become An SEO Evaluator And Get Paid Up To $25 Per Hour Working Online | Search Engine Evalutor Jobs | Work From Home | Online Work | Remote Work | Money Making Ideas #remotejobs #moneymakingideas #onlinework #onlinejobs