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So I’ve been an advocate of online jobs to support my travel lifestyle. As part of our resources, read on to find the best online jobs using mobile phones.

Working remotely has changed my life for the better. A lot of you might not know this, but I used to manage a US-based BPO company remotely for seven years and then eventually I put up my own web publishing company where I create websites, rank them, and then earn money from these websites.

Why mobile phones? I guess it is safe to say that a lot of people use mobile phones these days. It has become a part of our daily accessories. Personally, I don’t leave anywhere without my mobile phone.

And for a lot of travelers, bringing phones is easier than bringing a laptop as well. Depending on which country you’re in, some of these companies might offer you a regular source of income.

So without further ado, here are some online jobs that you can do using smartphones or mobile phones. And as a side note, we are only including companies that will let you earn cash and not just rewards or gift checks.

8 Legit Online Jobs Using Mobile Phones Without Investment

1. Leapforce


If you are tech and culturally savvy, familiar with SEO, and have analytical skills, then you can select a wide range of search engine evaluator jobs in Leapforce. You will be assigned to evaluate websites and webpages using your mobile phone.

Rates vary from country to country but on average, the evaluator makes between $13-$15/ hour.

Applicants will undergo a rigid evaluation and series of exams and one has to meet the tech requirements which are high-speed internet, an Android phone version 4.1 or higher or iPhone 4s or higher or Windows phone version 8.1 or higher.

2. NiceTalk

This app is built by China’s first mobile English learning platform developed by Hangzhou Feizhu Technology Co. LTD.

The concept is basically to talk with non-English speakers and let them practice English with you. There will be no provided lessons plan.

They pay “tutors” by the minute and according to the site, their rate is up to US$10 for a full hour.

They pay via Paypal and you can withdraw money as long as you have a minimum US$20 on your account. The app runs for both IOS and Android users.

3. Voiq

If you have call center experience for a minimum of 3 years and a native or fluent English speaker, then this gig is for you. Voiq hires call center agents who can work from home.

They pay $.30/ minute of talk time. You can also control how much you get paid by logging more hours and you can choose your own schedule.

They also pay remote workers via Paypal. You call to do the work using the mobile phone app that runs from both IOS and Android.

4. GigWalk

This mobile app helps you find quick gigs within your area. They post delivery jobs, product reviews, mystery shopping gigs, testing mobile apps, taking pictures, events, and other quick gigs.

The rate varies depending on the task and the task duration. According to the website gigs posted in the app pay between US$3-$100. You can run this app through IOS or Android.

5. Palfish


This app is similar to NiceTalk where people are paid to talk to non-English speakers. However, you can set your own price and provide your own English lessons.

There’s no need for English teaching experience as well and you get paid through Paypal twice a month. It both runs through IOS and Android phones.

6. Mentored

The platform runs through computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It is basically a tutoring platform where you’ll mentor students in various subjects which includes Math, Sciences, English, etc.

You need to have a degree to qualify or at least be a current college student. Applicants will also have to undergo training and exams to qualify.

7. iSoftStone

If you are tech-savvy, familiar with SEO or online advertising, you can try being a search engine evaluator, an online ad evaluator, or a mobile app tester.

8. ClickWorker

ClickWorker is an online platform for tech-savvy people who are looking for quick online mobile jobs. The rate and duration vary from project to project.

Projects include data surveys, product reviews, research, photo editing, product descriptions, etc.

Any nationality can join as long as they have Paypal and has a smartphone. Although the platform focuses on small jobs that can be done in a few minutes or hours, it can be a good sideline.

Do you know any online jobs using mobile phones? Please tell us in the comment below!