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50 Practical Money Saving Hacks

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Let’s get it straight to the point… money makes the dream work and we all know that. It makes us capable of doing things we want, and to buy stuff we fancy. Until someone could invent the machine that automatically withdraws unlimited cash, saving money will always be in every adult’s guidebook to survival. Lucky for you, we have listed out 50 practical money saving hacks that could save you until your next paycheck arrives.

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Table Of Contents

1. Resist impulsive buying by mastering the 30-day rule

Impulsive buying is definitely one of the greatest factors for why we overspend. If you want to save yourself from splurging on unnecessary things, there is a popular mind-setting technique called the “30-day rule” where you wait for 30 days before coming back and buying the item. If you still feel excited when you see it after 30 days, then go for it! If not, then it’s a clear sign to pass.

2. Make a shopping list before hitting the store

    If you’re already doing the “30-day rule” but still getting the hang of it. Don’t worry… here’s another hack (and an easy one too) to keep you on track of your “Money Saving” journey. All you need is to make a simple shopping list. This will help you sort out your priorities and keep you in budget without getting tempted by these store eye-candies that you probably won’t use. Remember, the key to pulling this off successfully is to stick to your list.

3. Convert your trash into cash

    Ever thought of going through your old stuff and sorting out the trash for the garbage and trash for your pocket? Yep, this next money-saving hack encourages you to sell your used but unabused stuff that is most likely sleeping in your basement for almost a year now. You can do an annual inventory in your house and start looking for potential items that you can sell. This is one of the most practical life hacks for saving money and a good space saving hack at the same time.

4. Quit smoking

    Smoking kills and it can also empty your pocket. In average, a pack of cigarette costs $6.28 but it could cost you more from the long-term health effect. So imagine how much you could save in a year if you minimize/ quit smoking?

5. Make room for a tumbler

    Aside from being eco-friendly, tumblers are a great way to save money. You can buy a tumbler for $20 and that’s still cheaper compared to your monthly cost for takeaway coffees. Start brewing your coffee at home and put it in your tumbler instead of spending for an overpriced coffee while at work. Another hack is to carry water in your tumbler instead of buying bottles of water everytime you feel thirsty. Be practical.

6. Buy groceries in bulk

    If you’re already starting to make your shopping list, why don’t you try stepping up your game by buying things in bulk? Evaluate your list and note the items that you can buy in bulk such as paper goods, cleaning items (laundry detergent, etc), pet foods, and body lotion. Items with small shelf-life are definitely a No-No. For more saving money on groceries ideas, click here. 

7. Make your own lunch

    Buying lunch more or less cost $10 but that’s already $50 in a work-week. If you want to save a lot from your weekly expenses, making your own lunch is one of your practical options. Aside from saving money, you can also guarantee a clean, healthy, and delicious meal to stuff you up for the rest of the day.

8. Shop for cheap in thrift stores and yard sales

    Shopping in thrift stores is fun most especially if you have an eye for vintage items. These goodies are insanely inexpensive in these shops than in other commercial stores. Also, you’ll find a lot of unique pieces so you won’t have to worry bumping into someone wearing the same top as yours. People who are moving out are usually starting the yard sales in your neighborhood and they always sell items they can’t bring for a very cheap price.

9. Invest in energy-efficient light bulbs

Aside from scouting for unused items at home, why don’t you start replacing your traditional bulbs with energy-efficient ones like the CFLs and LEDs? These type of bulbs may cost more than what you currently have but think of the long-term effect that it can give you. During the lifetime of these bulbs, they help save you money by using less energy. This $15 LED bulb from Amazon is worth a try.

10. Cancel unused memberships

    Adults want to get involved in everything as much as possible. This explains the handful membership cards we own but only one or two of these are actually active. Start by prioritizing which of these you really need. Paying membership fees for meaningless clubs will not, in any way, help you save money so better cut off ties with them as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has a fear of missing out.

11. Practice the “10-second” rule

    Once you’ve mastered the “30-days” rule, then it’s time to learn a similar technique, the “10-second“ rule. Whenever you desperately want to add an item to your shopping cart, give yourself 10 seconds to justify why you need to buy that item. If you can’t find a good reason, then leave it.

12. Offer your unused rooms for rent

    Providing accommodation is a good business. If you have extra rooms at home, why not consider renting it out and make it useful? It’s a good hack to save money plus, it’s interesting to meet new people too! There are various platforms that can help you look for potential guests like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, and etc.

13. Dress minimally and spend minimally

Appearance makes a lasting impression but what if I tell you that you can dress to impress without stressing your wallet? All it takes is to master the art of minimalism. Start by purchasing clothes that you can mix and match easily. Check out these Basic women’s shirt and Cotton Pique Polo Shirt from Amazon. These timeless pieces will surely save you hundreds of bucks from clothes you can only wear once or twice a year.

 14. Learn to fix things yourself

    Unpleasant things sometimes happen unexpectedly like a ripped top or a broken cabinet door. At times like these, it helps if you know how to fix these small inconveniences yourself. This will help you save from repair fees and other expenses that come with it. Besides, there are already a bunch of online tutorials you can rely on these days.

15. Cut-off cell phone services you don’t use

    Some cell phone companies try to rip us off by adding unnecessary services that come with our phone plan. If you are budget conscious, try to check your cell phone bill and spot any services that you are not using. Then, ask the company to cancel your subscription to that service.

16. Cancel cable services you’re not using

    Similar to the one above, evaluate if you’re getting the most of your cable bill. Are you tuning in to these channels regularly? If not, I think it’s time to cancel this service. We are usually tempted by these premium packages but we don’t really have the time to watch them. It’s a  waste of money when there are other options online which allows you to pay what you only watch.

17. Start eating less meat

    Meat is delicious but it’s not completely healthy. On the other hand, it’s not cheap too. Save more money by minimizing the amount of meat you’re eating in a day or week and substitute it with a cheaper protein-rich food. It’s about time you start eating your fruits and vegetables! Be sure to get these assorted food storage containers to keep your veggies fresh.

18. Try to waive your fees

    It may sound too much but there are actually companies who will generously grant your request. If the odds are in your favor, you’ll be able to save a big amount of money without sacrificing anything. Work your way to become a valuable client so you’ll get higher chances. It’s worth a  try.

19. Make use of your employee benefits

    Being employed gives us tons of perks but some of us don’t even know they exist. Familiarize yourself with your insurance package by knowing which services are covered by your company. This could range from a small doctor consultation to a serious medical operation. If not completely covered, at least you know how much the company is willing to pay instead of paying the whole fee from your pocket.

20. Buy second-hand but working cars

    If you’re planning to get your first car, remember that it’s okay if you don’t get the latest model. Aside from spending a lot on these expensive types, their value only depreciates as time pass by. You’ll only end up in great debt. On the other hand, consider second-hand cars that are still in perfect condition.

21. Learn to cut your own hair and do your mani and pedi

There are some countries where going to the salon will cost them an arm… and probably a leg too. So instead of regularly going to a salon,  why don’t you cut your own hair? This will save you a lot of money from regular salon visit when all you want to do is to trim your hair an inch shorter. For ladies, this is also a good hack if you don’t want to get tempted with the extra costs like a glittery mani and pedi.

22. Grow edible plants in your garden

    If you don’t have a garden yet, start one and grow edible plants to supply your kitchen. Some of these can also be used as skin-care so you can tell that you’re not only saving money from your kitchen supplies but also from your skin-care products. Amazon has a wide range of gardening tools. Check out this complete garden tools set.

23. Spice up your leftovers

    Prepared quite a bit too much for Christmas Eve? With a little bit of creativity and cooking skills, you can save money by spicing up your leftover foods and turning them into a new dish. This is a very practical money-saving hack that you can use rather than throwing foods in the trash.

24. Unsubscribe your magazine subscriptions

    You know very well if you are an avid reader or not. If you have been keeping unread magazines in your house for some time now, then the answer is clear. You can call the magazine company and ask them to cancel your subscription. Besides, there are a lot of sources on the internet that you can turn to if you want to read about something.

25. Visit your local library

    Visiting the library is also a good option for bookworms. The library offers free books you can borrow and read. Also, if you’re not confident if you can return it on time, hanging out in the library sounds like a perfect money saving plan than hanging out in the malls.

26. Wash your clothes wisely

    If you’re using a washing machine, plan when you’re going to wash your clothes and always try to wash on full load. This technique is more energy efficient than washing small loads constantly in a week.

27. Consider taking the public transport

    If you live near the stations, taking public transport is a cheaper way than driving a car. It will save you the parking cost and fuel consumption. Not to mention the maintenance cost for replacing your oil and air filters, fixing flat tires, etc.

28. Walk or bike as much as possible

    Walking or biking is not a bad thing if you’re only heading a few blocks away. Instead of taking a short bus ride from home, why not travel by foot or bike? It is a healthy option not only for your body but also for your wallet.

29. Ditch a landline phone

    Technology is greatly involving nowadays and making landline phones unnecessary at home. Unlike landline phones, mobile phones can be carried around and you can get access to important messages as quickly as possible.

30. Maintain your appliances

Spending on maintenance is better than buying a new one more often. Do a maintenance check on your appliances and cars regularly so you can spot any problem before it becomes worse and costly. Heating and cooling systems also require regular HVAC maintenance to keep them running properly and to make them energy efficient as well. Aim to keep your things longer.

31. Watch out for coupons and promotions

    Everyone goes weak for coupons and promotions so use it when it’s available. Plus, discounts could range from a few cents to half price. It’s definitely a great way to save money.

32. Avoid the lottery

    The lottery is fun and exciting. It’s also cheap but not for a long time. Avoid the lottery as much as possible and stop fantasizing of that big win to solve your financial problems. Unless you’re made of luck… which probably is less likely.

33. Start comparing grocery items from different shops

    This might be a lot of work to do but it will serve you good in the long run. Try to compare prices from different stores. Check which shop is most likely to give regular discounts and promos too. Also, don’t forget to consider how much it will cost you to get there.

34. Join loyalty programs from your trusted supermarket

    Loyalty cards could give you exciting rewards in the future– which also means saving. Stores, nowadays, use this as a way to encourage buyers to buy from them. Aside from getting discounts, you’ll also know if there are any promotions ahead of time.

35. Avoid  interest payments

    Interest payments can be too difficult to pay most especially if the interest rate is too high and your source of income is merely enough. It’s like shaking the hands of the devil. If you have to deal with interest payments, opt for the lower ones.

36. Invest in high-quality appliances

    High-quality appliances are more expensive than substandard ones that are why a lot of homeowners get blinded by the fact that high-quality appliances actually help save money in the long run. With proper maintenance and usage, there’s a higher chance these appliances will last for 15 years. This Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine is a good option. You can check its price here.

37. Watch out for ATM fees

    ATM fees are not that much but this little amount could sum up into something big. Avoid withdrawing money from ATMs charging a fee and be familiar which ATMs allow you to transact for free. Most importantly, know where to find them.

38. Take advantage of the “happy hour”

    When going out with friends, take advantage of the Happy Hour where drinks are usually half price lower or a large-sized drink for a price of a regular one.

39. Hangout in a friends place

    Rather than spending hours outdoor and store-hopping spend quality time in someone’s place where you can cook, watch movies, and drink. If not, why not offer your place? This will help you get rid of unnecessary expenses.

40.  Water your plants wisely

    Gather clean, used water from the shower and water your garden with it. You’re helping conserve water and save from your utility bill.

41. Switch to generic brands

    Most of the time, generic brands are just the same ingredients as the branded ones except that they’re not… branded. They’re cheap and also effective.

42. Breastfeed your baby

    If you’re a mom, save yourself from expensive baby milk by breastfeeding your infant. It is healthy for your baby and it’s free! If you don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public, pump your milk on a baby bottle and carry it when you’re going out. Pumps vary in price so to check how much it costs, click here.

43. Make homemade baby food

    Baby foods are expensive. Instead of buying ready to eat foods, why not make your own baby food? This can be as simple and healthy as a mashed avocado, apple, banana, etc. This $14 Baby Freezer Tray can help you make healthy and delicious treats.

44. Switch to water saving shower heads

    Water saving shower heads restrict the volume of water coming out of the shower thus, saving more water. Shower heads can be cheap like the Niagara Earth Massage showerhead which is one of Amazon’s best seller. The High Sierra Low Flow showerhead is also a good investment. Give it a try here.

45. Hang clothes outside

    If weather permitting, prefer to hang clothes outside instead of using the dryer. Start by buying a clothes rack or setting up a clothesline in your backyard.

46. Organize a toy exchange

    Instead of buying new toys for your kids, join a group of parents who are up for a toy exchange event. This is a good way to get rid of old toys and get a new one for free.

47. Wash your clothes in cold water

    Another technique to make your clothes last longer and lower your energy bill is to wash your clothes in cold water instead of washing them in hot water. Besides, pretty sure most of your clothes don’t require to be washed in hot water.

48. Unplug appliances on standby

    Keeping them plugged in will still draw energy even if they’re turned off. The best way to efficiently use this hack is to use a powerstrip and simple turn one button off for all.

49. Turn off the lights

Make turning off lights a habit when leaving the room. Even a step as simple as this can already help you save money. Most especially when going out for the few hours, be sure to check every room.

50. Track your expenses

    If you can’t mentally track your expenses, write it down on a journal or on your phone. This way you can evaluate which activities you’re spending too much and make adjustments to your lifestyle.

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50 PRACTICAL MONEY SAVING IDEAS | MONEY SAVING HACKS | MONEY SAVING TIPS | WAYS TO SAVE MONEY | money saving tips for moms | frugal living | budgeting tips | budgeting ideas | frugal living ideas | saving tips | saving money tips #money #saving #frugalliving #lifehacks        50 PRACTICAL MONEY SAVING IDEAS | MONEY SAVING HACKS | MONEY SAVING TIPS | WAYS TO SAVE MONEY | money saving tips for moms | frugal living | budgeting tips | budgeting ideas | frugal living ideas | saving tips | saving money tips #money #saving #frugalliving #lifehacks

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