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50 Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartments

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Small apartments make a cozy little home for starters. Equip it with the right furniture and you’re ready to call it your “Home sweet home”. If you’re new to this whole moving in and adulting stuff, rocking your small space might be quite a challenge. Good thing we all got you covered from A to Z with these 50 space saving ideas for small apartments.

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Table Of Contents

Space saving ideas for the living room

1. Mount TV to wall

No one has time to buy a TV cabinet nowadays, besides, it’s just a total waste of space in your apartment. Mounting TVs to your living room wall will surely give you an extra space to breathe.

2. Ditch the floor lamps and use ceiling lights instead

ceiling lamp

Floor lamps surely add charm to your living room but it doesn’t mean they’re irreplaceable. You could start with the Luxrite LED Ceiling light, for example, or the contemporary chandelier from Kira Home. Both items can be purchased from Amazon and they make a good space-saving investment in your living room.

3. Opt for nesting tables

You can buy more living room space with nesting tables. Use it as a decorative piece with a flower vase on top then pull out more tables when needed for your afternoon tea. Once done, get them back together and voila! This traditional 3-piece Nesting Table Set at Amazon is a very good purchase. Check here for its price.

4. Consider stacking shelves on the wall

floating shelves for small spartments

Having some guests for the weekend? A living room gives you the chance to show-off! If you have more stuff to display, stacking up shelves is a great hack to save space in your apartment. So, don’t be afraid to get this set of floating shelves from Greenco and fill it up with picture frames and cool trophies. It is cheap too!

5. Use under stairs as a storage area

If you have stairs in your tiny apartment, why not utilize the space under? That’s right, Potterhead! It’s time for the “cupboard under the stairs”. You can use this space to keep books or store your shoes in a neat and tidy way.

6. Avoid over-decorating the walls

Small space can be fixed by working with the visuals. Instead of over-decorating your walls which will make the room look smaller, take the minimalist approach to make the room look spacious. Also, a couple of bigger wall art is better than a hundred small ones.

7. Opt for armless sofas

A tight room can look lax and spacious with armless sofas. If you’re planning to bring in three comfortable sofas in your living room set, try getting armless on two of them to save a couple inches of space.

8. Convert room dividers into shelves

cabinet divider for small apartment ideas

Room dividers are the key to privacy but they’re easy to get rid of most especially for the space-conscious apartment owners. However, this large room divider from Ikea will surely make you want to take them back in and store books and other collectibles without regrets.

9. Consider a convertible sofa

A convertible sofa is a good space-saving hack because it can instantly turn into a bed. Now, you’ll have extra room for your guests. You also don’t have to store a big mattress somewhere and waste space.

10. Buy furniture with built-in storage closets

An ottoman with storage, like this, can store a few blankets, pillowcases, and magazines. Who will need an extra drawer for this?

Space saving ideas for the kitchen



11. Hang a rack on the side of the fridge

You can stick fridge magnets on the side but it would be more efficient to hang racks on it. A 6-tier fridge rack is a good choice for organizing jars, knives and kitchen gloves within reach. Get it here.

12. Keep cleaning supplies and trash bin under the sink

The nasty place under your kitchen sink is also the safest place to keep your cleaning supplies and trash. Buy a two-level lady Susan to store your stuff and a small trash bin that fits under your sink. This will give you extra space in your kitchen.

13. Make a rack to hang your cookware

Running out of space for your casseroles and frying pans? A rack against your wall is also a great idea. Now, you don’t only have a space-saving solution but you also have a rocking eye-candy in your kitchen.

14. Use a rolling cart as a pullout pantry

If you don’t have space for shelves to store your goods, you can turn tight spaces into storage instead. Have a small space between your fridge and the wall? A slim rolling cart would fit perfectly in it. This 3-tier slim cart is one of the most popular of its kind and it’s ready to roll out spices, canned foods, and kitchen supplies without sacrificing space.

15. Ditch the double-bowl sink

A double-bowl sink is too much for a small kitchen space so opt for a single-bowl sink instead. There are a variety of sink styles and pretty sure you can easily find a single-bowl that will still look big. You might be looking for something like this Undermount Kitchen Sink by Kraus.

16. Use a magnetic knife strip

A magnetic knife strip against a wall is a total killer. Not only will it save space in your kitchen but it will totally make the room look cool as ever. Knives with wooden handles usually look good for display so if you happen to have this set of knives, go on and put them in your magnetic strip.

17. Install rows of shelves above your counters

kitchen counters

The space above your kitchen counters can usually be ignored but not when you have a tight space. Installing rows of kitchen shelves on the wall above it is one of the most practical ways to utilize this unused space.

18. Utilize the sides of the cabinet

By using S hooks and bars, you can turn the sides of your kitchen cabinet usable. You can now hang towels, baking gloves, and aprons in one location.

19. Consider minimalist cabinets and appliances

Bulky knobs can cause discomfort in a small kitchen. It is where accidents like bumping into bulky knobs and getting caught by the handles most likely happen. To avoid this, keep your kitchen hardware as minimalist as possible.

20. Over-the-sink cutting board

Don’t get too many kitchen counters, instead, use over-the-sink items like a cutting board to prepare your dishes. A bamboo cutting board with adjustable legs can expand your kitchen space as it provides you with a sturdy workplace for cutting, mincing, or chopping. Check out its price on Amazon.

21. Install a fold-down kitchen table

A fold-down kitchen table gives you extra space for your things when you need it and an extra space for your kitchen when you don’t. Simply fold it and tuck it against the wall after using it. You can paint the bottom side of the table to make it look like a wall art when unused.

Space saving ideas for dining room

space saving ideas for small kitchen

22. Use dining table with tuck-in seats

A dining table with tuck-in seats should also make it to your dining area. This set will give you extra room since you will be tucking-in those seats when not “in use”. A dining set as versatile as this table from Abington Lane will surely show you how it is done.

Space saving ideas for bedroom

23. Buy a dual-purpose corner desk

A corner desk extending close to your bed will not only serve as your workstation during daytime but it can act as a nightstand for bedtime too. Make sure to get a corner desk with drawers so you also have space to keep other things.

24. Use a windowsill as a nightstand

If you have a spacious windowsill, bet you don’t need a dual-purpose corner desk because you can still save space by using the windowsill as a nightstand. Go ahead and place your bed by the window and place your usual nightstand items on top.

25. Mount bedside lamps to the wall

Get a wall-mounted bedside lamp like this Kenroy Home Swing Arm Wall Lamp and you don’t have to get a bedside table for it. It will give space for other things that you need to keep within reach.

26. Install lights on the headboard

headboard light

One way to keep you from getting floor lamps is to install lights on your headboard. This will also give your bedroom a fancy hotel vibe while saving space. Plus, you can reach for the switch easily.

27. Look for beds with underneath storage

Neatly store your clothes, bags, and other items under your bed by getting something with a built-in storage. This bed with 6 drawers from Prepac is a good example. Check it out here.

28. Use a built-in shelf

A built-in shelf is better than protruding shelves in your bedroom. This will help you save space better. You can keep your personal stuff and papers without worrying about space.

29. Use the wall as a headboard

Save a few inches by skipping the headboard. Besides, it’s unnecessary for a small bedroom. Push your bed vertically against the wall instead and use the wall as a headboard.

30. Use the window as a headboard

Another technique to save space is to use your window as the headboard. If you’re planning to mount shelves or other pieces on your wall and you don’t have enough for your bed, the window is an alternate solution. Cover it up with a nice curtain and you’re good to go.

Space saving ideas for bathroom

31. Get some oversized bins

The space under your bathroom sink can be used to keep oversized bins with towels and bathrobes, or laundry. For a more stylish look, go for the woven basket ones.

32. Buy a mirrored cabinet

Mirrors and cabinets are two essential bathroom items but separately, these can take more space. This mirrored cabinet from Tangkula is wide and spacious enough to help you save space in your tiny bathroom. Simply mount it on your bathroom wall and it can be a mirror and a storage space at the same time.

33. Consider getting an oval sink

Compared to a rectangular sink, an oval sink leaves more space on top of your counter. It may not be that much but every inch matters when saving space.

34. Drill towel racks above your tub

bathtub and towel rack

Wall space is also important and you can save it by using the wall above your tub and put towel racks on it. You can then hang your towels and grab them conveniently without getting off the tub.

35. Put a large mirror over the tub

Another tip you can do is to place a large mirror over the tub. This will also make a good use of this wall— saving you lots of wall space and floor space.

36. Choose bathroom fixtures with rounded edges

Rounded edges will free up a little bit of space in a tiny bathroom. They also reduce the chance of painfully bumping into hard edges.

37. Go for a sliding door

A sliding door saves more space than the traditional pull and push door. This is perfect for limited bathroom space so you don’t have to step back and rub shoulders with other items in your bathroom.

38. Use an over the toilet rack

Keep your toilet papers and sanitary items easily reachable with a toilet rack like the Bathroom Spacesaver rack from Zenna Home. It is perfect for every space-conscious homeowners who need a room for their bathroom necessities.

39. Mount towel racks behind bathroom doors

You can also use the space behind your door and turn it into a towel rack. It’s easy to do and cheap too! You can go for the S hooks or a bar to hang your towels. Check out these great finds in Amazon:

40. Mount an organizer behind cabinet doors

This is a good place to keep your hair dryer, flat iron, and brushes. Just simply purchase an organizer and mount it behind the door of your bathroom cabinet. Your bathroom will surely look neat and organized all the time.

More space saving ideas for small apartments


41. Elevate your bed

If you have a low-rise bed, then it’s time to get a set of bed lifters to give more storage space underneath. These bed lifters will instantly give you extra storage space by simply putting them under each leg of your bed. Get these space-savers here.

42. Put on an armrest table

If you don’t have space for a coffee table, an armrest table is a good alternative. Wrap it around your couch armrest, secure it, and enjoy a cup of coffee on it. You can also get a single couch coaster for your drinks if you don’t fancy a tray table.

43. Use shelves as desk

If you don’t need lots of items in your workspace, use a shelf instead of buying a new desk. This will save you money and space.

44. Turn a TV set into a room divider

For studio type apartments, you can also skip the room dividers and use your TV set to separate your bed space and entertainment space. Besides, you can also make sure you won’t have any distraction when it’s time for bed since the TV is facing the other side of the room.

45. Get a hanging clothes rack

Opt for hanging clothes rack from the ceiling instead of buying bulky cabinets. You’ll be able to use your vertical space to give more floor room for other things. This adjustable hanging closet in Amazon is a good one.

46. Build a loft bed

If living in a small studio-type apartment, consider building a loft bed. This room design is already very popular right now so why not give it a shot?

47. Always put things back in place

Leaving in a small apartment needs the right mindset. Start by putting things back in their place instead of leaving things where you used them. This will be a challenge to some but it will be a very helpful space-saving habit in the long run.

48. Buy an ironing mat

With a magnetic ironing mat, you can iron your clothes on any flat surface without any bulky ironing board so you don’t have to waste a space in your room. Go ahead and try this ironing mat from Houseables if you want to ditch your traditional ironing board.

49. Choose your colors wisely

Your choice of colors will not literally expand your room but it somehow helps by bringing the illusion that it is. Neutral colors and sticking to a color scheme can make your small space look bigger. Also, try to bring more light in too.

50. Shelf above the door

Installing a shelf above your door is also a good idea to utilize your space. You can keep extra towels, blankets, or even pillows on top. This hack is perfect for your bedroom or the bathroom.

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50 SPACE SAVING IDEAS FOR SMALL APARTMENTS | space saving ideas for home apartments | space saving ideas for bedroom | space saving ideas for home tiny houses | space saving ideas for kitchen | ORGANIZING TIPS | ORGANIZING IDEAS | space saving ideas tiny house #spacesavingideas #organization #homeinterior #smallapartments       50 SPACE SAVING IDEAS FOR SMALL APARTMENTS | space saving ideas for home apartments | space saving ideas for bedroom | space saving ideas for home tiny houses | space saving ideas for kitchen | ORGANIZING TIPS | ORGANIZING IDEAS | space saving ideas tiny house #spacesavingideas #organization #homeinterior #smallapartments


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