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For years and even before the rest of the world is forced to stay home, there are already a number of people who do their jobs remotely or online. Working from home has never been easier with lots of companies offering telecommuting or online jobs, and even jobs that you can even do from your smartphones. 

Apart from a more flexible and manageable schedule, online jobs allow people more time to do other things, save money that they’d use on gas, Uber, or train tickets when doing a regular office job and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.

But where do we find these online jobs exactly? Here’s a handy list of some of the best sites for finding online work.

Top 10 Websites For Online Work

websites for online jobs

1. Upwork

Upwork is easily the most popular site for online jobs, known to cater to long-term contract options.

A trusted platform by companies such as Airbnb, GE, and Microsoft and other US companies that offer remote work options, Upwork offers jobs ranging from longer-term contracts or short-term ones’ tasks such as creating a logo).

The process is pretty straightforward: a company posts a project, then freelancers can just apply.

At Upwork, employers, and freelancers connect through its online chat and video call system, so that they’re both clear on the task that’s assigned. 

Job Listings:

Larger specialized and complex projects – from the web, mobile, and software development to design and creative; writing; sales and marketing; admin support; customer service; and virtual assistant jobs


Depends on the project or budget of the client, then Upwork takes 20% from what you earn

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is a platform that’s considered to be one of the biggest sites for online work.

This site is known to be trusted by companies like Microsoft, SAP, and Intel, as well as many smaller businesses. The site is pretty easy to use – both client and freelancer just need to sign up for an account.

Jobs posted and the list of freelancers applying are easily accessed within minutes, so users can easily move on to the next applicant or job. 

Job Listings:

Freelancers on anything from writing and translation, design and arts, sales and marketing, etc. 


Depends on the client’s budget. Freelancer charges a 10% or $5.00 for fixed-price projects,  while they take 10% from hourly projects.

3. Guru

Used by 3 million clients and freelancers around the world, Guru is one of the best sites for online jobs. The platform offers real-time feedback scores, where profiles are updated regularly to help clients find an experienced freelancer to ensure the quality of work.

Freelancers, meanwhile, are guaranteed flexibility when it comes to issuing payments. They can choose to be paid on a fixed price, or have hourly, task-based or recurring rates. 

Job Listings:

Anything from programming and development to writing and translation, design and arts, sales and marketing, and much more


No set rates. Pay is determined by your bid, the competition, and the amount your employer is willing to pay.

4. Fiverr

If you are new to freelancing and want to boost your portfolio and hone your skills, you may want to start at Fiverr. This is also a platform where both clients and job seekers can post listings.

For example, a client might post something like “Write one 300-word article” while a freelancer’s listing would say “Will write one 300-word article.”

The focus of Fiverr are micro jobs, and all jobs are paid in increments of —$5. If you are just starting out, Fiverr is one of the best platforms to learn while earning at the same time. 

Job Listings: 

Micro jobs such as writing or editing short articles or customizing bits of WordPress code.


Starts at $5 per job

5. Toptal

Toptal is short for top talent and is a job platform for the elite, experienced freelancers. Said to comprise 3% of freelance talents around the world, these experts are paid  $50 and $250 per hour.

The screening process before a freelancer can get into the site is more involved and stringent, where a freelancer’s experience is thoroughly checked along with an interview.

The strict vetting process pays off, though, as the site ensures great salary offers and lots of opportunities.

Since 2016, Toptal is also the owner of another online freelance marketplace,  Skillbridge, 

Job Listings:

Jobs related to finance and software development.


Between $50 and $250 per hour

6. 99Designs

An online platform for those who are offering or needing designer jobs such as digital artists, graphic designers, and the like.

Registration is free, and designers are given an avenue to showcase their work and learn more about their craft with up-to-date articles.

Clients meanwhile are allowed to hold competitions that everyone in 99Designs can participate in.

This is a helpful, imitative, and fun freelancing site that gives not just jobs but learning opportunities as well. 

Job Listings:

Designer jobs –  from logos to book covers.


Designers can set the rate and then negotiate.

7. Paperell

Paperell is a freelance job site geared towards those who are adept at academic research and writing. The jobs offered range from writing term papers, reports, dissertations and even doing data analysis for people.

Paperell clients can upload their writing-related work requests that are seen by writers in minutes. The site offers smart pricing, which ensures that freelancers will get paid what they deserve. 

Paperell writers, meanwhile, must pass stringent grammar and formatting tests before they are accepted onto the site.

Once accepted, they get to have profiles where details about their skills, qualifications, and experience are listed, which is updated regularly. 

Job Listings:

Academic freelancers, academic writing


Rates are per page and deadline and also based on the writer’s skill/experience.

8. Skyword

Skyword offers jobs for those skilled in coming up with relevant content that can be used in advertising and marketing, as well as jobs for content strategists, editorial managers, and the like.

Skyword serves many companies in 27 countries and supports 13 languages. Those looking for jobs are ensured of a variety of opportunities. 

Job Listings:

Freelance content strategist, editorial manager, content writers


$10-$250 per article

9. Aquent

Another freelancing platform that is geared towards the experienced worker, Aquent has won many awards.

The site is known to be well-established and has a reputation for delivering high-quality work to its clients. Aquent prefers and usually accepts people with at least two years of work experience in a specific job.

However, the site still encourages fresh graduates and newbie freelancers to explore their available jobs.  The site also has a salary guide to help determine your rates per job depending on skill and experience. 

Job Listings:

Creative, digital, and marketing-related work


Hourly pay ranges from approximately $18.16 per hour  $59.79 per hour

10. Remote

One of the best features of is the user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate. They have a large database of a variety of jobs that’s updated in real-time and divided into categories. This online job site has been known as a reliable resource for both employers and job seekers.

Trusted by some of the bigger names in the tech sector, is also known for its great support community that provides learning opportunities for clients and freelancers alike.

Job Listings:

Customer service positions, design work, developer jobs, recruiter and HR roles, sales jobs, and other remote work.


Not listed but depends on job type and budget by the hirer. 

11. FlexiJobs

Regarded as one of the best sites for online work, Flexjobs is known for its diverse job listings.

At present, they have 35,000 + active job postings from 4,000 companies, ensuring plenty of opportunities for those looking for online work.

These listings are divided into industry categories, as well as full-time and freelance options.

Job Listings:

Apart from the usual job categories (the site has some rarer positions, such as Bilingual customer support or Environmental and Green job positions (such as Water Treatment Sales Consultant, Major Gifts Officer).


Not listed but depends on hirer’s budget