websites for virtual assistant jobs

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People who have great organization and communication skills, with a working knowledge of office apps, would do well as a virtual assistant.

For the past years, a good number of busy professionals have opted to hire virtual assistants to do tasks like data entry, social media management, simple bookkeeping, customer service, research, and more.

Virtual Assistants have helped people and businesses and they are among the most in-demand online work right now.

Top 10 Websites for Virtual Assistant Jobs

websites for virtual assistant jobs

If you’ve ever considered getting a part-time or full-time job as a virtual assistant, it would help to know where exactly to look to give it a try. Here are some of the best websites for finding virtual assistant jobs, a quick background, and an average rate. 

1. Upwork

As one of the biggest marketplace for online freelancers, Upwork offers a variety of jobs that cater to clients from different industries.

Virtual Assistants are highly in demand in Upwork, and you can easily browse through and choose from different types of clients and industries that suit your preferences.

The signup process is easy, so if you would like to start a career as a VA, go and give it a try! 

Average Rate:

Pay ranges from $11 (Beginner) to $35 (Expert) per hour. 

2. FlexJobs

Flexjobs is another reliable website for online jobs, and they often have plenty of clients looking for virtual assistants. This website takes pride in screening every listing to make sure that it is legitimate.

However, Flexjobs is not a free service. They require a minimal fee each month to access the site. Most of its members say that the small fee is worth it because of the high-quality opportunities they offer that protect both client and employee.

Before you signup and pay, Flexjobs allows would-be members to have a preview of the jobs they offer to help people decide if they want to pay for the service or not. 

Average Rate:

VA pay ranges from $10.16 to $29.49 per hour. 

3. Assistant Match

Assistant Match, on its website, says that they provide “pre-screened, US-based, virtual assistants who can assist with business details, and only work as many hours as you need”.

This online job board ensures that they only match quality virtual assistants with the right clients.

The site is open for experienced VAs as well as for beginners. Assistant Match constantly offers training and resources to enhance the skills necessary to be a better and more employable virtual assistant. 

Average Rate:

There are no details available about the pay, but potential VAs can check when they apply. 

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk or simply MTurk is still new in the virtual job board industry, but it is already regarded as among the best places to start for finding virtual assistant jobs.

MTurk calls itself a ” crowdsourcing website for businesses to hire remotely located crowd workers to do  on-demand tasks that computers are currently unable to do.”

These tasks include popular virtual assistant jobs such as collecting data, creating and moderating content, finding Google keywords, organizing lists, securing relevant feedback,  and many others. 

Average Rate:

Pay ranges from $3 to $7 per task. 

websites for virtual assistant jobs

5. VA Networking

Another online job board that primarily caters to virtual assistants is VA Networking, where profiles are matched with interested clients.

Here, potential VAs do not have to bid for a certain job. Instead, they will put a comprehensive profile to ensure that their background, skills, and experience are paired with the right clients.

VA Networking is quite helpful for those who are just starting put as VAs because it provides resources that help enhance someone’s VA skills. 

Average Rate:

Pay ranges from $5 (Beginner) to $25 (Expert) per hour. 

6. ClickWorker

Based in Germany, ClickWorker is one of the newer online platforms that has gained popularity over the years.

Just sign up, fill out a profile sheet, and complete a qualifying test for specific jobs. Once you pass, you can bid for jobs which include being a virtual assistant.

Clickworker VAs are said to be among those that get relatively better pay in ClickWorker. Most of these VA jobs require skills in researching, translating, writing, and collecting data.

Take a test, and you can then bid for jobs. ClickWorker is the site preferred by clients such as Groupon, Honda, and Paypal. 

Average Rate

Pay is about $8 per hour on average. 

home office for virtual assistant jobs

7. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is known to pay their VAs per task, so the more task you accomplish, the more you earn.

The main purpose of the virtual job board is to hire workers to attend to all small tasks that tie up a professional or a business’ valuable time.

These tasks include quick research, clerical duties, simple accounting work, basic graphic design work, and administrative jobs.

Average Rate:

The pay begins at $3 to $7 per task, and up.

8. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular platform for those who are just starting to find their way around working online.

This is definitely a great place to start for finding virtual assistant jobs, as you get to know more about what certain task requires and you get to master how to do it right.

The signup process at Fiverr is free, and remote workers get to set their own rates, too.

Additional skills such as graphic design and video editing pick up a higher rate as well. Fiverr is considered to be among the best websites for those looking for virtual assistant jobs.

Average Rate:

Pay starts at $5 per task and can go higher in increments of 5.

9. Indeed

The great thing about Indeed apart from being a free service is that there are always so many jobs available. 

Sign up, fill out a profile, complete a resume and you’re sure to get a job.  There are many jobs for virtual assistants available at indeed, and to make sure that you’ll find that VA job you’re looking for, use a variety of search keywords.

Not a lot of clients will list their work as VA or virtual assistant so it’s best to use search words related to the skills you have such as research, translation, copy editing, and graphic design. 

Average Rate:

The average salary for a VA is $18.09 per hour in the United States. 

10. Zirtual

Open mostly to virtual assistants residing in the US, Zirtual offers mostly full-time jobs. Working hours are from 9 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon, and the compensation includes health benefits.

There is a starting rate per hour at Zirtual, but as workers gain more experience and skills, they get to attract higher-paying clients. 

Average Rate:

Zirtual pays remote virtual assistants between $13 and $18 per hour.